We all know that a logo largely forms the face of the brand amongst the masses. Along with carrying a unique identification and style, the logos tend to form a visual connect with the audience that is strongly based on the nature of the company or the brand. Whether it is your daily used social networking sites like Facebook or Instagram or the popularly utilized products like Budweiser or Kodak, all have been known to increase the reach with the help of the logos. But, in 2016 a lot of companies, much to the likes and dislike of people decided to refresh their logos either with a new typography, new colors or just changing their complete symbol. We have today compiled a list of 10 such logo re-designs that were successfully accepted by the people.

1. Uber


Though the symbols are not entirely different, the change is logo was released along with the launch of new services like Uber Rush, which as of now is only available in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York.

2. Instagram


One of the most popular logo redesigns, Instagram went through a colorful rejuvenation in their logo. The colors of the new logo express and refer to the numerous number of new filters that the app offers.

3. The MET

the met

The MET museum changed its logo by rendering a strong visual identity with a bold typography. Although it went through a lot of controversies stating that the logo was copied from the magazine but the logo definitely carries a strong connective value.

4. Netflix


The new logo created with the effect of an N-shaped ribbon describes Netflix. The folded ribbon image lends an optical illusion which furthers the effect of depth in the logo.

5. Mastercard


Redesigned with the removal of horizontal stripes from the intersection and the name placed beneath the concentric circles. The first letter of both the words is mentioned in lower case referring to the simplicity of the brand and the credit card.

6. Deliveroo


In order to go along with the progression, a new visual aspect of the logo was designed. Along with the new logo, the company also updated HD pictured of the different meals on the website as well as a reflective uniform for their delivery employees.

7. Mozilla


For the new visual identity of the brand, the company along with graphic designer Johnson Banks also called its users to give their opinion on the topic.

8. Kodak


Keeping up with the standard and regular red and yellow color, the brand highlights the typography in its design with a giant K serving the double purpose of the logo and the casual image of the camera.

9. Budweiser


After 140 years of its creation, 2016 Budweiser design its logo with a sleek and a more refined style. The new logo still keeps the original bow tie shape as well as its red color.

10. Pitchfork


Staying very close to the original logo, Pitchfork decided to separate it from the previous style by eliminating the arrows placed at the base of the final K of the name.

Give a thorough look on the above-mentioned re-designs and let us know which one did you love the most.

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