Like any artform, embroidery has been exposed to various experiments that have led to the evolution of the artform from the time of its inception. No doubt, it is a timeless art, which is why it has moved beyond cushion covers and handkerchiefs. There are people, who, with their artistic perspective, have contemporize embroidery.

We present you such unconventional embroidery designs to inspire you to try your hands on the artform.

1. Embroidery on Paper

embroidery on paper

Here is a combination of embroidery, pen and ink by Izziyana Suhaimi, a fantastic artist and embroiderer. The work of embroidery adds a third dimension to the art and brings a lot of color to an otherwise black and white sketch.

2. Cover Page Embroidery

cover page embroidery

Isn’t this an incredible piece of artwork? Artist Inge Jacobsen is known for recreating advertisements and magazine cover in his own “embroidered” way. He also worked on a social media advertising campaign for American Express.

3. Embroidered Photo

embroidered photo

We loved the idea of embroidered photos. It is one of the most personal and creative gifts you can give to a loved one. This work has been done by artist Josero Mussi who was inspired by watching his mother paint and teach art.

4. Embroidered Vegetables

embroidered vegetables

Created by Veselka Bulkan, here is a simple but creative embroidery work. Even if you are an amateur embroiderer, this idea is something you must try once. It is not very risky yet at the same will train you towards being a better embroiderer.

5. Sew Wanderlust

sew wanderlust

While most people these days compile selfies, Teresa Limb documents and captures her travel experience in her embroidery hoop. Just when we thought that embroidery could not be taken to a level any higher, we came across this surreal piece of art.

6. Detailed Embroidery

detailed embroidery

Embroidery can add a lot of vibrancy to any dull background and here is a perfect example to showcase this fact. Artist Sophie Standing creates colorful and bright animal portraits and uses embroidery to provide a dimension to her art. The artist moved from England to Africa and has ever since been inspired to come up with these majestic portraits.

7. Embroidered Portraits

embroidered portraits

Cayce Zavaglia was originally a painter who later switched to embroidery. His work focuses completely on portraits and has been exhibited in some galleries and exhibitions in the United States.

8. Embroidered Insects

embroidered insects

Here is a freestyle form of 3D embroidery by Claire Moynihan. Being a nature lover, Claire has always been interested in studying insects. Taking her love to next level, she started creating various 3D embroidery art that looks close to being realistic. Along with creativity and imagination, Claire’s art also carry a little humor in them.

Creativity in any art form can bring new dimensions that transcend the art form. These new dimensions never let it become obsolete. These pieces of embroidery have an element of newness in them that enchant and impress people of all ages.

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