Everyone with a smartphone is pretty familiar with emojis. Originating in Japan, they have become very common in everyday conversation over phone and emails. The design of emojis might seem very simple but they hold a lot of potential. Expression emotions and thoughts in a creative manner, emojis are a clever way to amuse people and say more. Further, they do make textual conversations more colorful! What is difficult to be said with the written work is easily represented by emojis. Well, here are 15 such unique emojis that you might want to browse through. You may also See Funny Cartoon Drawings

Funny Emoji Design for WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the most used messenger app today. It offers conversations to take the form of images, videos and of course emojis. While WhatsApp itself provides a huge collection of emojis that cover all kinds of emotions, thoughts, and objects, users are always thirsty for more. Well, this would be a unique Emoji set to be used. You can also use this Emoji set in your graphic design work.

Black Emoji Design for Facebook

As with WhatsApp, Facebook too supports a long list of emojis. This particular set comes in a unique black theme and can be a very useful addition to your chat box tool. These emojis are highly detailed and can bring a new twist to your conversations.

Emoji Heart Design

Heart emojis have become synonymous with showcasing romantic emotions and love. Well, show off your love with these amazing heart emojis. All of the emojis in this set offer a fresh look and can be effectively put into all kinds of conversations and design work.

Emoji Embroidery Design

In the past year, the popularity of emojis has ensured that they have found a way into popular everyday products, including embroidery. It will not be unusual to come across people using textile with emoticons printed/embroidered on it. Well, here are some emojis that perfectly cater to this requirement.

Angry Emoji Design for Instagram


Instagram is another popular platform that supports the use of emojis in its comments and direct messaging sections. If you have been looking for some really angry looking emojis for Instagram, this would be a perfect set!

Crying Face Emoji Design

Crying faces are among the most used and popular emojis used across digital conversations. This set of emojis brings forth some seriously creative crying faces that can immediately liven up your conversations!

Emoji Art Design


The popularity of emojis has given it the distinction of being a unique art form, wherein designers are coming up with new ways to keep emotions simple and fun. You may also See Cartoon Vectors and Designs

Laughing Emoji Design

Laughter is a form of medicine and these emojis do a great work of it. Use these laughing emojis to take craziness to a whole new level.

Moon Emoji Design

If faces and emotions could be represented by the moon, it would be a unique way to start a conversation. Say goodnight with the moon using this unique Emoji design kit.

Emoji Symbol Design

Looking for an exciting symbol icons to be placed alongside your emojis? Here’s a unique set containing the dollar signs and more. You may also See Cartoon Icons

Emojis has become a way of conservations. They are not just the means of expression but a sincere effort on the part of designers to help users interact. All of the emojis above ensure that the app they are placed in offers extended convenience. It does become a whole lot easier if a small emoticon can replace a complete statement!

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