Watercolors make everything look so artistic and funky. Imagine getting it painted on your nails. Well, we bet your nails feel that way too. Feel pretty with delightfully pretty nails.

Cool Watercolor Nail Design

cool watercolor nail design


Pink being the centric color with watercolors done in between is the highlight. The black print on it is also something that makes it look different and visually appealing

Pink and Blue Gel Nail Design

pink and blue gel nail design


The perfect color combination, the way it is designed makes it such a pleasant thing to look at. If you are someone who likes keeping it subtle, without any loud or bright colors then this has got to be the perfect one for you. This is something you can carry off on a daily basis.

Elephant Art on Acrylic Nails

elephant art on acrylic nails


Style your thin long nails with big fat elephants. The acrylic nails with a splash of different colors are artistic and very imaginatively done.

Pink Floral Watercolor Nail Art

pink floral watercolor nail art


Pink has officially become our favorite color. The watercolor design on the pink is, the reason for us to fall more in love with this nail art design. It shouts out exquisite from every angle. Pink lovers should definitely go for it.

Watercolor Spring Nail Art

watercolor spring nail art


Spring is here for some of us. Well, for those who decide to get this nail art design done at least. Pink and white and flowers are just the perfect moods for spring and you have a choice to bring spring upon yourself with this design. The flower done on the white nail is what will make your design stand apart.

Rainbow Watercolor Nail Design

rainbow watercolor nail design


Don’t we love it when we see rainbows? Well, how about seeing them on your nails constantly. Don’t rainbows make you happy? Well, we feel that way about all bright, happy colors and that is why we would recommend this to anyone who would love it as much as we do.

Red Floral Art on Gel Nails

red floral art on gel nails


Flowers look and feel pretty and so do these nails. The red flower designed onto your nails is very subtle and something very different. For this one, the flowers are the main focus and they are very delightful to look at.

Jelly Watercolor Nail Art

jelly watercolor nail art


This surely looks like a jelly doesn’t it and what makes it even more interesting is the watercolor done only on the tip. We love the color combination the most about this design. It makes the nails stand out in a very elegant manner. We would recommend this for daily wear as it would go with most of your outfits.

Thermo Chromic Watercolor Nail Design

thermo chromic watercolor nail design


Thermo chromic are color-changing materials. This design is already so different and cordial that we wouldn’t want any color changing but then this admirable design is best suited for everyday wear.

Cute Flower Nail Art

cute flower nail art


Trendy Summer Nail Art Idea

trendy summer nail art idea


White and Black Floral Nail Design

white and black floral nail design


Lovely Dolphin Nail Art

lovely dolphin nail art


Funky Stamping Nail Art

funky stamping nail art


Blue and White Striped Nail Art

blue and white striped nail art


Purple Nail Art for Dark Skin

purple nail art for dark skin


Lovely Toe Nail Art Idea

lovely toe nail art idea


Pretty Nail Design for Long Nails

pretty nail design for long nails


Here are the top 10 watercolor designs that we went looking for all across the Internet just so that you could feel good about the way you look. Some designs are simple white some are out of the box. Whatever it may be, we have a variety for you to choose from.

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