When we think of tattoos, something that comes to our mind unsolicitedly is the black ink! Isn’t it? So, while looking for tattoo designs we started to look for something bright and colorful and what we came across just blew our minds. Today, we are going to showcase tattoo designs by Korean tattoo artist Silo who works with Aro Tattoo in Korea.

These tattoo designs are distinct from all the colored tattoo you must’ve seen. You’ll know how, once you have a look at them. These tattoos look like a watercolor painting done on someone’s body.

Check out these irresistable tattoo designs by Silo and get ready to be enticed.


Here are our favorite tattoos from the lot. Taking the minimalist tattoo trend and filling it with bright hues. According to the artist, flower designs symbolizes something fresh and we seeing the tattoo designs we certainly can’t disagree.

tattoo design

The client had a tragic story so Silo designed this flower tattoo design to give her hope wish her a fresh new happy life. The design is inspiring and bright colors exuberate hope and positivity.

small cherry blossom tattoo

Silo mostly goes for soft hues and subtle designs, avoiding black outlines to make the tattoo look close to a watercolor painting. She uses light ink and water combination technique to come out with these incredible designs.


The tattoo culture is different in Korea so the artiste had to go to Thailand and Australia to learn the art of designing tattoos. She has been in the business for 10 years and yet still strives for perfection every single day. Today she has gained popularity not just in Korea but in many parts of the world with her viraled tattoo designs.


Here are few more tattoos that got us awestruck. The nuances of these tattoo designs are simply flawless. What better way to imprint your pet’s memory than getting their memory permanently marked on your body.

dream catcher

A perfect tattoo idea, a dream catcher! Don’t we all need a tattoo like this? Guess we’ll have to fly down to Korea. This is so perfectly designed that it is almost difficult to figure out if this is actually a tattoo.


The artist makes a sincere effort to turn people’s stories into a beautiful design. And we think she has a strong knack for this art. Creativity is all about exploring yourself and your art. Limiting yourself to a set frame kills imagination and creativity.


Soli first prepares a draft on a paper and then transfers it to the skin. Her designs create an equal charm in the paper as well as the body.

watercolor tatto


Too many colors? Though the post is on colored tattoo but we couldn’t stop ourselves from sharing this all black tattoo design by Silo which marks the creative brilliance of the artiste. So people who are not fond of colorful tattoos and are fascinated with the dark can surely try something like this.

These designs are so surreal and enchanting and we’re sure you won’t disagree with us. A great tattoo artiste can add a lot to our tattoo designs which can sometimes be beyond our imagination.

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