Most of the fashion brands nowadays largely focus on the interests of the youth, which is eccentric, experimentative and very bold. Hence, it is no surprise that the emoji dress has made an entry into the runway with brands such as Chanel. Emojis are currently the most common form of communication and expression nowadays and are at the center of everything youthful and new and hence, represents the youth culture very well. Here are a few beautiful emoji dress designs:

Black Emoji Dress

black emoji dress


Every girl owns an LBD. It is said, when in doubt, wear black. This emoji design gives an LBD a whole new dimension and redefines cool and quirky. Be it a date or an outing with your friends, surprise everyone with this exclusive black emoji dress.

Emoji Cocktail Dress Idea

emoji cocktail dress idea


Best friends cocktail party, office party or on your holiday to Bangkok, there are so many events that you brighten up by wearing this super-attractive yet fun emoji cocktail dress. If you thought that an anchor dress was cool enough, think again.

Rainbow Emoji Dress

rainbow emoji dress


Skater style. Check. Free flowing. Check. A burst of colours. Check. A rainbow emoji dress is everything that your teen daughter or sister might be looking for.

Emoji Full Sleeve Dress

emoji full sleeve dress


Remember this money with wings emoji that we all laughed at? Well, imagine what a show this will make for when made into a dress. Full sleeve dresses are smart and highlight your slender arms very well.

Smily Emoji Dress

smily emoji dress


Are you bold enough to pull off a look so different, modern and makes a statement? If yes, then invest in a smiley emoji dress as this and be a head-turner everywhere you go. Also, be ready for the compliments you’re gooing to get.
White Sleeveless Emoji Dress

Emoji Sleeve Dress

emoji sleeve dress


Cute Emoji Dress Design

cute emoji dress design


Fashinable Emoji Dress

fashinable emoji dress


The days of wearing a tiered dress, LBDs and ordinary maxi dresses to every occasion are gone. The emoji dress is no less than a revolution in the fashion industry in the sense that it was born because and for the interests of the youth. Channel the fun side of you through one of these emoji dresses.

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