A fringe t-shirt is one which has tassels or twists of loose threads or the cloth that has been cut on the borders.  The fringes can also be decorated with beads to create an attractive look to the t-shirt. These fringe t-shirts can also be designed by anyone by cutting the t-shirt into strips on the hemline. The vertical strips can be knotted and then decorated with beads. Thereby the old unworn t-shirts can be transformed into beautiful designer fringe t-shirts. These t-shirts are also called cut t-shirts as they are on the edges of the hemline or sleeves. The fringe t-shirts are very trendy and can make anyone look stylish.

Criss Cross Fringe T Shirt

criss cross fringe t shirt


This lady in her purple colored fringe t-shirt is looking trendy and stylish. The v-cut on the hemline with fringes decorated with beads make the t-shirt a unique and beautiful one. The fringes on the sleeves and the decoration of the yoke with same beads gives an utterly amazing look to the t-shirt.

Fringe T Shirt with Beads

fringe t shirt with beads

This upcycled orange sunbelt sports t-shirt looks wonderful. The t-shirt features a hand painted southwestern woman holding a blanket. The painting of a woman and the backdrop in the front make this t-shirt a desirable one. The fringes on the sleeves decorated with beads and gold medallion at the shoulder make this t-shirt a designer fringe t-shirt. This comfortable t-shirt can be worn for bonfires or to a beach party.

Fringe Knot T Shirt Design

fringe knot t shirt design


This trendy white t-shirt with blue printed design on the long sleeves and sides with fringes of blue thread on the hemline is just amazing. This fringed t-shirt can be worn for a casual outing or to hang out with friends. You may also See Striped T-Shirt Designs

Fringe Sleeve T Shirt

fringe sleeve t shirt

This American street style black crop t-shirt with tassel fringes is looking trendy and out of the box. This designer style t-shirt can be worn to a birthday party or to just hang out with friends. Ladies! Grab one for yourself.

Homemade Fringe T Shirt

homemade fringe t shirt

This hand made cream crop sweater is just beautiful.This sweater is made from baby alpaca yarn and designed with fringes on the hemline and an oak button on the top to make it look unique. This amazing crop sweater/t-shirt can be worn as it is or on a top. This sweater is skin friendly and suits well on anyone. You may also See Psychedelic T Shirt

Rainbow Fringe T Shirt Design

rainbow fringe t shirt design


This bright and colorful rainbow design fringe t-shirt  matches on any skirt or jeans. This makes a wonderful combination with any color as it has all the colors. This trendy t-shirt with tie and dye pattern is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe.

Fringe Cut T Shirt

fringe cut t shirt

This gorgeous black upcycled addicts rock band fringe t-shirt is eco-friendly and handmade.  This pointed t-shirt with fringes is a good match for any jeans, mini skirts or long skirts. Girls! come one get one for yourself.

Long Sleeve Fringe T Shirt

long sleeve fringe t shirt

This olive green loose long fringe t-shirt/top with rivets and long hands is a perfect match with leather pants or jeans. This can be worn for a night out or to a dinner to look special.

Mens Fringe T Shirt

mens fringe t shirt

This retro Guns n roses unisex t-shirt/tunic with fringes on the sleeves is just rocking. This t-shirt with its printed image and fringes is unique and attention grabbing.

Embroidery Fringe T Shirt

embroidary fringe t shirt


Fringe Tribal T Shirt

fringe tribal t shirt

The fringe t-shirts are very popular as they can be upcycled from old or unused t-shirts. Fringe t-shirts are trendy and stylish. These make anyone look cool and young. The music t-shirts,Psychedelic t-shirts, and striped t-shirts are also popular along with fringe t-shirts.

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