T-shirts come in many different designs giving you great variety to find designs in your own style. The available materials in t-shirt designs can also give you incredible ideas regarding outfit combinations for everyday and work attire. Colors, decorative elements, style and creativity synthesize the most stunning designs that will make you look fantastic. In this post you will find a collection of long sleeve t-shirts that will show you all the options you have.

Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt Design

Long sleeve T-shirts have a casual look. Usually they lack in pattern or décor making the addition of a pocket to the design look fantastic. You can find many designs featuring pockets with elegant patterns that create beautiful color antithesis. You may also see Psychedelic T Shirt Designs

Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt for Men

long sleeve pocket t shirt for men

Long Sleeve Camo T-Shirt

Camo designs have a unique look that can be stylish if paired with the right clothes. You can find many designs of long sleeve t-shirts that give you excellent style and look perfect with black jeans and pants in straight line. You may also see Camo T Shirt Designs

Simple Long Sleeve Camo T-Shirt

simple long sleeve camo t shirt

Pink Camo Long Sleeve T-Shirt

pink camo long sleeve t shirt

Vintage Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Vintage designs sport fashionable stamps that add extra character to these t-shirts. You can find them in every color combination that is available while you can always pair it with jeans for a stylish yet elegant combination in everyday outfits.

Vintage Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Women

vintage long sleeve t shirt for women

Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Stripes are a trend that’s been around for a couple years now. These t-shirts sport thin or thick stripes with elegant design that comes in various color combinations. You can choose them for a nautical outfit paired with shirt. You may also see Striped T-Shirt Designs

Black and White Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

black and white striped long sleeve t shirt


Round Neck Striped Long Sleeve T-Shirt

round neck striped long sleeve t shirt

Monogrammed Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Monogrammed t-shirts can give you a personalized design to make you look fashionable. You can find them in various font types and amazing color schemes that will make your outfit combinations look fantastic during the cold months of the year. You may also see Monogram T Shirt Designs

Monogram Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

monogram long sleeve pocket t shirt

Glitter Monogram Long Sleeve T-Shirt

glitter monogram long sleeve t shirt

Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt

Hooded t-shirts can add a casual tone to every outfit that maintains its elegance. You can find these designs in various colors and stunning patterns that allow you wear for classes and work. Choose a neutral shade for multiple outfits.

Black Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt

black long sleeve hooded t shirt


Vintage Long Sleeve Hooded T-Shirt

vintage long sleeve hooded t shirt

Long Sleeve White T-Shirt

White is a bright color that can be matched with everything. You can choose a white long sleeve t-shirt in order to create stunning outfits. You can go for a plain white design or one with decorative elements to pop. You may also see Aztec T Shirt Designs

V Neck Long Sleeve White T-Shirt

v neck long sleeve white t shirt

Long Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt

With a graphic design a plain monochrome t-shirt gets the ultimate makeover. You can find them in stunning color schemes and creative designs that range in abstract and geometric patterns giving you a great range of options to choose from.

Long Sleeve Graphic Tee T-Shirt

long sleeve graphic tee t shirt

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt

In case you want a versatile piece that will give you multiple combinations then you should go for a black long sleeve t-shirt. These designs might look plain and simple however when mixed with jeans or camo pants can give you excellent results.

Black Long Sleeve Pocket T-Shirt

black long sleeve pocket t shirt

Black Long Sleeve T-Shirt for Men

black long sleeve t shirt for men

Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

Long V neck t-shirts are suitable for spring time when the weather starts getting warm. They look fantastic on their own on both men and women while they can be matched stylishly with blazers and jackets giving you stunning look.

Grey and White Long Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt

grey and white long sleeve v neck t shirt

When in doubt go for a t-shirt design. This is a well known rule among the fashion world and with good reason since they can give you numerous outfits. Like vintage t-shirts, you can choose designs with unique patterns and cuts that will add character to every outfit design.

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