Fall is characterized by a significant drop in temperatures. Long sleeved are definitely the ideal dresses of choice over this transition season from the warmer summer to chilly winter. One of the good things about these dresses is that they eliminate the need for an extra layer of clothes such as cardigans or blazer outfit

Long Sleeve Medium Length Fall Dress

white colored long sleeve dress


Valentino Red Colored Gingham Dress

valentino red colored pattern dress1

Long sleeve dresses for fall comes in all sorts of designs, colours and sizes just to ensure you get your favorite. If simplicity is what you’re after, then a simple silky dress is worth consideration. You can opt to wear it bolted or loose and the results will be great.
Long sleeved dresses needn’t be necessarily dowdy. Designs with open-seemed long sleeves are great especially if you’re dressing for a cocktail or night date where you’d like to show off part of your toned arms. Open-shouldered designs could be ideal for a cocktail party too.

Valentino Giraffe Printed Cotton Fall Dress

valentino giraffe printed cotton dress

Valentino Long Sleeve Evening Dress

valentino long sleeve evening dress

Patterned White Sleeve Fall Dress

patterned white sleeve dress


Dior Blue Colored Long Sleeve Dress For Fall

dior blue colored long sleeve dress

Dolce and Gabbana Lace Sleeve Cocktail Dress

dolce and gabbana lace sleeve dress

Floral Printed Long Sleeve Dress Design

floral printed long sleeve


Armani Purple Colored Knee Length Dress

armani purple colored knee length dress

Black Colored Floral Dress

black colored floral dress


Gorgeous Red Colored Dress

gorgeous red colored dress


Green Colored Velvet Dress

green colored velvet dress


Floral Print Long Fall Dress

long sleeve long dress


Dresses designed with simple, mute colour blocks are quite versatile as they can be complemented easily with accessories. Styles with bold patterns or contracting sleeves could be excellent for ladies who’d like to stand out from the crowd. Designs with colourful, impressive geometric shifts can be a great way of making a statement too.

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