With many holiday seasons in a year, it is only inevitable that you have different cocktail dresses. They are suitable for the semi-formal occasion and portray a lady who is sleek and elegant. Wearing a cocktail dress that shows your feminine curves will make a woman feel confident, sexy and hard to ignore. Whether you are attending an after work party or a wedding reception, in this list we have different cocktail dress designs that will flatter your body shape. You may also see Fabulous Cocktail Dress Designs

Short Cocktail Dresses

Short cocktail dresses are usually above or around the knees and are meant to draw attention towards the legs. There is something sexy about a woman showing off her feminine legs however if you feel the length is not aged appropriately then wear stockings underneath it and remember less skin is more.

Short Red Cocktail Dress

short red cocktail dress

Red Cocktail Dresses

The red cocktail dress is a must-have for any fashion conscious woman. It depicts a sexy, passionate and bold personality. While red is universally flattering the right shade will help you stand out. Ladies with cool skin tones should wear bluish red gowns while those with warm skin tone should stick to orange-red colors. You may also see Wedding Guest Dress Designs

One Shoulder Red cocktail Dress

one shoulder red cocktail dress

Long Sleeve Cocktail Dresses

Long sleeve cocktail dresses are meant to draw attention away from your arms hence are ideal for older women or those with less toned armed. For a flattering feminine vibe, opt for cocktail dresses with sheer, lace sleeves, those made of luxurious fabric or those that hint at skin without revealing too much. You may also see Long Sleeve Dress Trends

Lace Cocktail Dresses

When wearing a cocktail dress with lace ensure it is comfortable. These dress designs depict femininity, sophistication and purity so wear it with confidence. Lace tends to stand out on its own so pair with simple accessories and black or nude high heels.

Floral Lace Cocktail Dress

floral lace cocktail dress

Long Cocktail Dress Designs

Long cocktail dress designs are so versatile that you can wear them to different events and each time you will still look chic. The trick to looking sexy in this type of dress is to consider your body shape. Petite women should opt for long dresses that reach around the ankles with slits o show a glimpse of skin.

Awesome Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress

awesome long sleeve cocktail dress


Vintage Cocktail Dresses

Vintage cocktail dress designs are made using the 1920s to 1960s fashion style in mind. When choosing this type of dress you first need to identify the era from which you want your dress to be from and combine with modern accessories to avoid looking like you are going to a costume party. You may also see Vintage Dress Designs

Sequin Cocktail Dresses

Sequin cocktail dresses feature sparkles that make them elegant and eye-catching. Since these dresses stand out from a far, ensure you pair with subtle makeup and accessories. For a dramatic look pair sequin dress with high heels or wedges that have glitters. A sparkly peep toe heel will especially compliment these types of dresses.

Long Sequin Cocktail Dress

long sequin cocktail dress

Formal Cocktail Dresses

Formal cocktail dresses are usually in neutral colors such as black, white and gray. A little black dress or long prom dresses in black color will look proper. These dresses suit black tie or white tie events and can often be in floor-length designs. Avoid wearing these dresses with bold colored makeup. You may also see Gold Bridesmaid Dresses

Formal Black Cocktail Dress

formal black cocktail dress


Beaded Cocktail Dress Designs

Beaded cocktail dress designs feature bead either on the upper body part, around the hems or on the entire fabric. If your beaded dress is backless, then pair it with an updo hairstyle to ensure the back is the focal point. Women with large upper bodies should avoid wearing cocktail dresses with beads on the top section.

Spring Cocktail Dresses

Spring cocktail dresses are meant to be worn during warm weather so experiment with different patterns and fabrics. Floral patterns are especially popular during spring as well as lace and embroidered patterns. You spring dress should be effortless, elegance and depict your playful side. Opt for suede in a lighter material.

Spring Floral Cocktail Dress

spring floral cocktail dress

Halter Cocktail Dresses

Halter cocktail dresses are a fashion trend that is a must-have in any woman’s closet. They are fashionable, glamorous and have a formal vibe. Go for those with adjustable straps to ensure they fit you perfectly. It tends to draw attention towards the upper body parts such as arms, bust, and face.

Strapless Cocktail Dresses

Strapless cocktail dresses can drive all the attention away from your lower body and instead focus on the upper portion. Ladies with heavier tops should avoid wearing these types of dresses or choose fabrics that camouflages and creates the illusion of balance. Pair with a statement necklace.

Floral Cocktail Dresses

If you need a cocktail dress that will depict your feminine side, then go for floral designs. Plus size women should avoid wearing large floral patterns instead, should opt for those dresses with small flowers in random areas. Wear floral cocktail dresses with black or nude heels and simple accessories. You may also see Floral Dress Designs

Vintage Floral Cocktail Dress

vintage floral cocktail dress

Tulle Cocktail Dresses

Tulle cocktail dresses are so practical that you can even wear them during the day. They depict a girly image and exude sophistication. Pair with strappy heels and a leather jacket. For a feminine look opt for tulle dresses with lace tops and pair with high heels or nude wedges.

Velvet Cocktail Dresses

Velvet cocktail dresses are a major trend for fall. The fabric is glamorous and depicts class so avoid matching with velvet shoes. Pair with a bomber jacket or a velvet jacket with a different texture and pattern. If you have a flabby tummy then wears an undergarment to hide your flaws.

Velvet Boat Neck Cocktail Dress

velvet boat neck cocktail dress

Cocktail Dress Importance and Tips

Cocktail dresses are best worn during a semi-formal event such as a wedding or a night out with girlfriends. While the ideal length of this dress is usually at the knees, you can also get a design that is long and reaches up to the floor. When wearing a cocktail dress avoid pairing with flat shoes instead wear cute wedges, strappy heels or high heels and always wear a cocktail dress that flatters your body shape and skin tone.

Today’s cocktail dresses can be dressed up or down to suit different occasion making them the perfect wedding dresses. The ideal cocktail dress will complement your body shape and skin tone. So choose a dress that balances out your figure to create an hourglass silhouette which will emphasize your best points and hide flaws.

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