Parties and celebrations, since various centuries, get reflected the most, though the clothes people go wearing at. Be it a ball at the Buckingham Palace or a wedding celebration in an Asian country like India, each has different requirements in terms of clothes people wear.

Valentino Wrap Skirt Design

valentino wrap skirt

Valentino Short Cupcake Dress

valentino cupcake dress

Initially in the western countries there was culture of wearing gowns for almost every celebrated occasion but eventually the times have changed. Now ladies opt for shorter dresses which are comparatively easy to handle and carry. Similarly for men, clothing has taken a different turn.
Different venues and timings demand different ways of dressing. If the party is at day time and the venue is a theme park, obviously being a lady, you won’t go all decked up with makeup and jewelry. Similarly if the party is at a fancy restaurant and at night, you may dress accordingly.

Dior Beaded Cocktail Dress

dior beaded cocktail dress

Versace Casual Black Gown Design

versace black gown

Versace Jeans Cutout Bodycon Dress

versace jeans cutout bodycon dress

Dior Silk Halter Dress Design

dior silk halter dress

Marc jacobs Black Lace Dress

marcjacobs black lace dress

Marc Jacobs Colorful Cocktail Dress

marc jacobs colorful cocktail dress

Armani Satin Bow Back Dress

armani satin bow back dress

Armani Strapless Dress

armani strapless dress

Dolce and Gabbana Embellished Polka Dots Dress

dolce and gabbana embellished polka dots dress

Chanel Vintage Outfit Idea

chanel vintage outfit

Chanel Brocade White Dress

chanel brocade white dress

Chanel Flower Striped Dress

chanel flower striped dress

Men Party Velvet Blazer

party velvet blazer


Stylish Short Frock Party Outfit

stylish short frock


Floral Skirt Design For Party

party floral skirt


Awesome Modern Black Dress Design

awesome black dress


Blue Lace Evening Party Dress

blue lace evening party dress


Lavendar Classy Short Gown For Party

lavendar classy gown


Red Floral Long Party Gown

red floral party gown


Stylish White Dress With Floral Design

stylish white dress


Party dress, though you wore it to be a part of the celebration, remember certain things that speak about you when you get dressed. If you are wearing a low neck dress that vividly shows off your cleavage, then you may come across as someone who finds difficulty in maintaining eye contact. Similarly an easy dress with not too much of revelation but attractive to look at, may make you come across as someone powerful and happy to be under one’s own skin.

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