Strawberry design is the sweetest design we encountered so far when it comes to a nail art design. They are trendy, fashionable and above all, they look cool.

There are a lot of designs out there, but the strawberry design is the most popular no matter which technique you use: water marble, acrylic nail or something else, they will all look awesome. Have a look at these designs and give them a try.

Strawberry Shortcake Nail Design

Strawberry Shortcake Nail Design Source

There are many unique designs, but this one is special. The outstanding look comes from a variety of motifs depicted at each nail. You have to admit that this is a new and adorable concept. This original nail design suits every occasion, but the most for casuals. Visit Retro Nail, too.

3D Strawberry Nail Art

3D Strawberry Nail Art Source

When we talk about modern and unique design, we think about this design. Therefore, this one shown above is great and at the same time smart application of different materials and small objects like zircon and tinsels. Especially on the long nails, the design is simply brilliant. Wearable at official occasions, but also at the party as well.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Nail Art

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Nail Art Source

Chocolate and strawberry in the same design, it surely is attractive for the eye. If you want to design your nails, we encourage you to do so. This is something every lady wants to do before it goes out of the room to the light of the day. This artistic design is very easy to do and fast enough, if you need to organize yourself quickly or if you are already late.

Pink Strawberry Nail Design

Pink Strawberry Nail Design Source

There is no better color to achieve this distinct look then pink. Like you see in the photo above pink color is a perfect choice to do a glorious design on the nail. You can pair this pink design with the outfit of your choice, consider a trendy color block dress. It will look absolutely special.

Strawberry Toe Nail Art

Strawberry Toe Nail Art Source

It’s easy. Believe us! Put on the first coating to smooth up the surface of the nail and at the same time to reinforce it. This will assure your art design stays on longer. After the nail polish dries, you are ready for a next step. The idea of a strawberry toe nails design belongs to a classic look. This color gives an immaculate elegant look to your toe, which will outline your beauty even more. Here is another idea: Food Nail.

French Tip Strawberry Nails

French Tip Strawberry Nails Source

We can claim that every fashionable girl knows that a french manicure and design make every nail chic. It usually stands for the sharp border between two different color fills on the same nail, without any gradient at the merge line. The design on these french tip accentuates tenderness by smart utilization of strawberry stickers mixed with pink color tones incorporated within french tips. This raises your appearance to the next level.

Strawberry Gel Nail Design

Strawberry Gel Nail Design Source

Do you like the classic, yet fun look? Take a glance at this photo and you will realize that these kind of nails are anything, but classic.

Glitter Strawberry Nail Art

Glitter Strawberry Nail Art Source

Glitter is universal and at the same time best idea to boost your look and get ready for a party. If you are a party animal but care about your outfit, this artistic appearance will be the best choice. Don’t forget that 80s are trendy again so stylize your outfit accordingly. The nails will add that extra edge!

Pastel Strawberry Nails

Pastel Strawberry Nails Source

Interesting work! By doing some negative space at the beginning, this pastel design brings out the best of your nails. Pastel is fine color tone which looks perfect for a sports event and formal occasion simultaneously. Cute, simple, but classy appearance.

Classy Strawberry Nail Art

Classy Straberry Nail Art Source

Classy strawberry is fantastic. It is for a young ladies who think out of the box. If you are an individual, who is not following mainstream fashion patterns, but still want to look up to date, then we recommend this kind of design.

Striped Strawberry Nail Design

Striped Strawberry Nail Design Source

Love Strawberry Nail Art

Love Strawberry Nail Art Source

Long Strawberry Nails

Long Strawberry Nails Source

Teal Strawberry Nail Art

Teal Strawberry Nail Art Source

Leopard Strawberry Nail Art

Leopard Strawberry Nail Art Source

Dotted Strawberry Nail Art

Dotted Strawberry Nail Art Source

Round Strawberry Nail Art

Round Strawberry Nail Art Source

Black Strawberry Nail Design

Black Strawberry Nail Design Source

Sharp Strawberry Nail Art

Sharp Straberry Nail Art Source

White Strawberry Nail Design

White Strawberry Nail Design Source

Awesome Strawberry Nail Art

Awesome Strawberry Nail Art Source

The importance of the manicure art has been the same in the last two or three years. Since then, colored nails with the theme like strawberry present a symbol of class and elegance. There are many choices of cute designs that are created with love and imagination, but the smart usage of zircons onto nails brings out the best in them and are very convenient to cover transitions if you lengthened your nails with extensions.

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