Tops are the essential part of every woman’s wardrobe as they are easy to manage and can be worn with a variety of combinations from jeans, skirts to leggings. The tops come in various designs which can be worn as daily wear tops or party wear tops depending upon the design. They also come in various lengths such as waist length, mid-rib length and longer ones. The specialty of the tops is they can be accentuated with a variety of embroidery works, sequin work, beadwork, stone work etc. to give them a special look. Tops are made from various fabrics ranging from cotton, chiffon, crepe, wool, leather etc.

Women’s Designer Sequin Tops

Tops can be designed in a variety of ways to give them a special look and transform them into party wear tops. Sequin work is special work which is done in a pattern with a single color or multi-color sequins. The sequin work can be done on neckline, sleeves or yoke to accentuate the look of the top. These designer tops are available in various designs and fabrics which are unique and can be worn as party wear.

Asos Gold Sequin Top

asos gold sequin top

Zara Sequin Tank Top

zara sequin tank top1

Sequin Top with Sleeves

sequin top with sleeves

Party Wear Tops for Women

Party wear tops are normally made from chiffon, georgette, crepe etc. The party wear tops should be designed so that they are unique and attractive. The tops can be made unique by either designing them in an asymmetric pattern, embroidered on the yoke and sleeves to make them look elegant, sequin or applique work can be done to make them look gorgeous.

Part Wear Off Shoulder Top

part wear off shoulder top

Asos Part Wear Stretchable Top

asos part wear stretchable top

Designer Tank Tops for Women

Tank tops are the most preferred tops as they are comfortable and figure fitting. The tank tops are made from viscose fabric, stretchable cotton etc. to get the perfect fitting. Designer tank tops are made special by embossing a pattern, by doing a beautiful beadwork on the neckline or designing fringes on the tank top. The designer tank tops are perfect for an outing or to attend a birthday party.

Zara Lace Tank Top

zara lace tank top

Summer Tops for Women

Summer tops should be very comfortable and breezy which makes it easy to wear in sultry weather. The loose-fitting tops made from cotton, viscose, cotton etc. are the best option for summer tops. The tops can be designed in a varied range such as spaghetti tops, tunics, ruffled sleeve tops etc. to give them that special look.

Summer Beach Top

summer beach top

Striped Summer Top

striped summer top1

Tunic Tops for Women

Tunic tops are elegant and convenient to wear. They are versatile and can be matched with a legging, a parallel cotton bottom, jeans etc. This is the reason why many women prefer tunics as office wear, daily wear or as party wear.

Tunic Top with Sleeves

tunic top with sleeves1

Pleated Knit Tunic Top

pleated knit tunic top

Women’s Designer Leather Tops

Leather tops are known for their sexy and bold look. Leather tops give that sleek look to any woman which makes them the sought-after ones for a party or to hang out with friends. The leather tops are available in many colors and designs such as black sleeveless top with self-design, brown leather top with a bow in the front etc.

Asos Black Leather Top

asos black leather top

Designer Leather Crop Top

designer leather crop top


Women’s Designer Sweat Tops

Sweat tops are the most comfortable and daily wear tops which are preferred by most of the women. They can be worn for a jog, a walk, to dress casually, or while traveling. The designer sweat tops are comfortable and stylish which makes them the most versatile tops.

Sweat Suit Crop Top

sweat suit crop top

Sweat Wicking Tank Top

sweat wicking tank top

Crop Tops for Women

Crop tops are mid -rib length tops which are sexy and trendy. The young girls especially love the crop tops as they are trendy and can be worn with jeans, skirts, leggings etc. The crop tops come in a variety of designs made from cotton, crochet, leather etc.

Sequin Crop Top

sequin crop top

Lace Crop Top

lace crop top

Crochet Tops Designs for Women

Crochet tops are made from wool or yarn in various sizes such as a tunic, a tank top or a crop top. The crochet tops are elegant to look and are best suitable for spring and winter.

White Crochet Top

white crochet top

Crochet Halter Top

crochet halter top

Formal Tops for Women

Formal tops are the ones which are plain, simple and elegant. The tops made from a single-color fabric with a decent neckline such as peter pan collar, tie-up neckline, tie collar neckline, a mandarin collar etc. can be categorized as formal tops. These tops are a perfect workwear or outdoor wear which look elegant and stylish.

Formal Crop Top

formal crop top

Polka Dot Tops for Women

Polka dot tops are in fashion from a long time and they are still in fashion. They are loved by many women for their style and elegance. These tops are a perfect match for jeans, skirts or parallels and create a fabulous look.

Sheer Polka Dot Top

sheer polka dot top

Long Sleeve Tops for Women

The specialty of long sleeves tops is that they give a conventional look to the outfit. Whether they are made from cotton, linen, silk or chiffon, long sleeved tops are always trendy and elegant.

Striped Long Sleeve Top

striped long sleeve top

Lace Long Sleeve Top

lace long sleeve top

Women’s Designer Evening Tops

Women prefer evening wear which is pleasant and suitable for the occasion. Evening designer party wear tops with lot of embroidery work or sequin work are available which can make any woman stand out in the crowd. Simple and elegant work or designs are available as evening wear tops for women who would like to look elegant and stylish.

Black Evening Top

black evening top1

Beaded Evening Top

beaded evening top

Cotton Tops for Women

Cotton tops are the most comfortable tops. Cotton tops are best suitable as summer wear which can be matched with cotton parallels, palazzos or skirts to create a pleasant and stylish look. There are a wide range of cotton tops available from casual wear to party wear.

Long Sleeve Cotton Top

long sleeve cotton top

Floral Tops for Women

Floral tops are the most happening ones now. The floral designs on georgette, chiffon, cotton etc. are refreshing and stylish. The florals come in many variety of prints such a s watercolor prints, abstract prints etc. which makes the tops even trendy and stylish.

Floral Top with Skirt

floral top with skirt

Tribal Tops Designs for Women

Tribal prints and designs are a evergreen fashion and they are loved by every woman for their raw and rustic look. They can be worn for an outing, a safari or just to hangout with friends.

Black and White Tribal Top

black and white tribal top

Tribal Crop Top

tribal crop top

Women’s Lace Tops Designs

Lace tops have a sexy and romantic look. the delicate and intricate design of the lace gives that feminine look to the top. The lace tops can be matched with skirts, jeans or plain crepe palazzos to create a perfect romantic evening look.

Long Sleeved Lace Top

long sleeved lace top

Red Lace Top

red lace top

Plaid Tops for Women

The plaid design is in fashion from many years and still it is loved by everyone for it simplicity and style. A plaid top worn on a plain skirt or jeans is a perfect outfit to visit a friend or for an outing.

Plaid Peplum Top

plaid peplum top

Designer Wrap Tops for Women

Wrap tops give that slender and sleek to a woman which makes them the most sought after ones to wear for a party or an occasion. There are a wide range of designer wrap tops in crepe, cotton, silk etc. with lots of work or in plain to suit any occasion.

Ballet Wrap Top

ballet wrap top

Black Wrap Top

black wrap top

Vintage Tops for Women

Vintage tops are the ones which are designed or made in earlier years and have a special look to them. The vintage tops are liked by many women for their style and perfection.

Vintage Crop Top

vintage crop top

Vintage Polka Dot Top

vintage polka dot top

Designer tops are a necessity for every woman. The designer tops can be mix and match with the variety of bottoms to create a unique and stylish look. There are wide range of designer tops from simple ones to heavily designed with bead and stone work based on one’s choice.


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