Sometimes, it takes a small detail to transform your entire look. Accessories have their own important place in fashion. These accessories can bring the portion of charm to your otherwise simple outfit. Belt is one such crucial accessory for men and women. If you want to explore a selection of designer belts that are comfortable, stylish and elegant, we present you with 10 designer belts that are perfect for various outfits and occasions.

1. Balmain Gold-Tone Waist Belt

balmain gold tone waist belt

This belt was carried off with various looks on the Fall 2016 runway. This gold-tone metal belt can be adjusted according to the outfit. Crafted by experts, this belt can give a simple outfit a glamorous makeover. Whether it is a jumpsuit or the little black dress, you can always depend on this belt for the perfect fit and perfect look.

2. GUCCI Ostrich Belt

gucci ostrich belt

This belt has an ageless appeal. It comes in classic dark-brown color and is perfect to compliment your denim jeans or skirts. Made in Italy, the belt has Gucci’s signature GG label and comes with customizable fit. This is one purchase you are certainly not going to regret.

3. Dolce & Gabbana Crystal Embellished Textured Leather Belt

dolce gabbana crystal embellished textured leather belt

This belt is a perfect fit for one piece dresses. The most attractive element in the belt design is the white leather and the colors. It is elegant, delicate and feminine. It has everything that a woman won’t be able to resist, the perfect fit, the gold-tone metal setting, colorful crystal and it has been crafted in Italy, giving it a quality stamp of approval.

4. Saint Laurent Tasseled Leather Waist Belt

saint laurent tasseled leather waist belt

Another crafted in italy, leather belt! This belt was showcased in Fall ’16 runway. The belt comprises of a cord-wrapped buckle and a hanging tassel making this accessory absolutely flattering. Highlight your waist with this black beauty and complement your cocktail dress.

5. Alexander Mcqueen Embellished Embroidered Satin Waist Belt

alexander mcqueen embellished embroidered satin waist belt

This belt has been inspired from the 30s and 40s yet its appeal is contemporary and sassy. It represents modern women who is fun, lively and unapologetic. Made with smooth black stain the main design highlights of the belt are the crystals, beads and embellishments and of course the cheeky red pout. The belt oozes an I-don’t-care attitude, so even you should care much about the rules and carry the belt with any outfit of your choice.

6. Dolce & Gabbana Rhinestone Embellished Belt


This belt is perfect to grace a plain outfit. It will provide you with the right amount of bling. The supreme leather quality, gold toned buckle, and the beautiful studs make it a perfect pick for a glamorous event.

7. Valentino Beaded Textured Leather Belt

valentino beaded textured leather belt

If you are a fan of colorful tribal pattern, don’t even think twice before picking this belt. Just go for it! The belt has the fun elements in the form of beads, patterns and colors yet the classy black textured leather with gold buckle maintains the elegance of the accessory. Whether it is jeans or skirts, bring the hues with this vibrantly designed belt.

8. Tom Ford Cutout Ombre Leather Waist Belt

tom ford cutout ombre leather waist belt

Featured on the Fall ‘16 runway recently in September, this belts flatters your waist and your attire instantly. The ombre tan leather would complement well with any pastel color outfit. The charm of this accessories lies in the intricacies of the design.

9. Gucci Studded Leather Belt with Metal Flower

gucci studded leather belt with metal flower

The design is bold with a hint of delicacy and subtlety. Yes! It is Gucci’s studded leather belt with the metal flower. Classic black leather with classic gold studs with the metal flower buckle that brings the newness.

10. Valentino Rockstud Rolling Belt

valentino rockstud rolling belt

Another belt from Valentino’s kitty, this time it is the rockstud tolling belt. When gems and gold stud becomes too mainstream these blue rockstuds and metals will definitely give you the edge that you are looking for.

These designer belts would definitely grace your style quotient. A small piece of accessories can sometimes make a big difference to your overall look. Next time you prepare your shopping list, do not forget to include an elegant designer belt. Never underestimate the power of accessories.

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