The best way to transition from summer to fall is with a beautiful trench dress. Just like a ribbon dress which flatters a woman’s figure, a trench dress also shows skin in a classy way. With intricate details such as a figure-flattering silhouette or a belt that cinches at the waist, this statement dress is a must have for all women. Whether double breasted or mid-calf, there’s a trench dress that you’ll love.

Sleeveless Trench Dress

Sleeveless Trench Dress Source

If you need to show off some skin, then go for this beautiful sleeveless trench dress. The white color makes it easier to pair with any shoe color. Nude colored shoes are perfect for making a subtle statement. You may also see Bubble Dress Designs

Floral Trench Dress

Floral Trench Dress Source

Suitable for both formal and casual events, this floral trench dress is classy and elegant. The V-neck collar and the black belt help draw attention towards the curves. The vibrant patterns and color give this dress a vintage style.

Leather Trench Dress

Leather Trench Dress Source

This orange leather trench coat with four buttons up the front has a flattering fit that is perfect for small to large sized women. It has unique features such as flare bottom, side belt attached to the waist and two slit front pockets.

Maxi Trench Dress Design

Maxi Trench Dress Design Source

With a classy trench dress, your outfit will look tailored to fit your body perfectly. What’s unique about this maxi trench dress design is that you can either wear it as a dress or pair with jeans and a top.

Casual Trench Dress

Casual Trench Dress Source

If you don’t know what to wear this weekend, or you just want a fresh summer look then opt for a trench dress. This sleeveless casual trench dress is suitable for petite women who need to show some skin in a flattering way.

Trench Wrap Dress

Trench Wrap Dress Source

With this linen blend trench wrap, you have the option to wear it as a jacket or a dress depending on your mood. The asymmetrical neckline and hemline together with the bronze metal snap button make this dress modern and elegant.

Black Trench Dress

Black Trench Dress Source

Every lady needs a statement black dress for formal events and what better way to freshen your closet than with a black classic trench dress. The knee length size and unique design make it perfect as a skirt or sleeveless coat.

Trench Coat Style Dress

Trench Coat Style Dress Source

This trench coat style dress is all about feeling comfortable and sexy. While it may look too long, the thigh slit gives this outfit a flattering appeal while the clinched belt will give even slim women an illusion of curves.

Belted Trench Dress

Belted Trench Dress Source

The suede fabric gives this belted trench dress a luxurious and elegant appeal suitable for youths and older women. It’s just below the knees and has a wide belt with a small metal buckle perfect for making the waist to look smaller.

Vintage Trench Dress Design

Vintage Trench Dress Design Source

Mid-length and with long sleeves, this vintage trench easily doubles up as a dress. It’s paired with knee length brown leather boots, the matching waist tie helps give this dress a feminine look that any woman who loves curves will appreciate. You may also see Slit Dress Designs

Red Trench Dress Idea

Red Trench Dress Idea Source

Stylish Trench Dress Design

Stylish Trench Dress Design Source

Digital Printed Trench Dress

Digital Printed Trench Dress Source

Simple Trench Dress Idea

Simple Trench Dress Idea Source

Cute Trench Dress Design

Cute Trench Dress Design Source

Cool White Trench Dress

Cool White Trench Dress Source

Bright Green Trench Dress

Bright Green Trench Dress Source

Modern Trench Dress Idea

Modern Trench Dress Idea Source

Trench Mini Dress Design

Trench Mini Dress Design Source

Unique Trench Dress Idea

Unique Trench Dress Idea Source

Classy Trench Dress Design

Classy Trench Dress Design Source

How to choose a trench dress?

Ladies who love showing skin should go for a sleeveless or knee length belted lace dress while those with a daring attitude should wear one with a thigh slit. Always go for a design that you can either wear as a jacket or dress.

What factors to consider when buying a trench dress?

The first factor to consider is whether you prefer a double or single breasted style. While you also need to consider color and price, material such as leather or linen determines a perfect trench dress.

A perfect fitting trench dress will make a lady look polished and chic. While there are more colors, sizes and style to choose from, always go for a trench dress design that best flatters your body shape. Women who want to show more skin can opt for a slit dress design.

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