You can have the best jewelry that money can buy. However, you will look out of place without the perfect statement dress. Suitable for attending parties, a tie front dress is a must have for any lady who intends to impress. You can also wear this dress design during summer or opt for a slit dress for an evening event. Whether you prefer lace, floral patterns or a monochrome color, we bring you beautiful tie top front dress designs.

Black Tie Front Dress

black tie front dress


This black tie front dress is ideal for those ladies who wants to draw attention away from their tummy. The black color, the quarter sleeves and knee length size of this dress will make any girl look classy and elegant.

White Tie Front Dress Design

white tie front dress design


While there are many colored dresses from which a lady can choose from, you can complement a white tie front dress with any jewelry and you’ll still look fashionable and stylish. Pair this street style dress with nude platform shoes.

Lace Tie Front Dress

lace tie front dress

The 90s fashion style is back and what better way to embrace this trend than by wearing a lace tie front dress. With features such as tie front bow, hidden zipper and half sleeves with cuff, this dress is chic.

Long Sleeve Tie Front Dress

long sleeve tie front dress


For those days when you are in the mood to wear ankle boots, then pair with this cute long sleeve tie front dress. For a conservative look, wear matching tights underneath and pair it with a white handbag.

Striped Tie Front Dress

striped tie front dress


When you return after having a fun weekend, it can be hard to wake up for work on Mondays. While your mood may be gloomy, a striped tie front dress and a brightly colored handbag can boost your attitude.

Tie Front Midi Dress

tie front midi dress


While we have seen many tie front dress designs, the one that incorporates a thigh length slit is absolutely eye catching. Suitable for a romantic date or a summer event, the lady wearing this dress will look like a princess for sure. You may also see Plunge Dress Designs

Tie Front Mini Dress

tie front mini dress


Casual Tie Front Dress

casual tie front dress


Denim Tie Front Dress

denim tie front dress


Pink Tie Front Dress Idea

pink tie front dress idea1


Simple Tie Front Dress

simple tie front dress


Modern Tie Front Dress

modern tie front dress


How to wear a tie front dress?

Wearing the perfect tie front dress is about looking comfortable in your body. While we all have flaws, the trick is to focus on the positive and draw attention away from imperfections such as a big tummy.

How to choose a statement dress?

Every woman should wear a well-fitting dress that shows curves. A ruffled dress is ideal for enhancing busts and shoulder lines while tie wrap front dress with a thin belt will define the waist.

There’s dress for every occasion. However, it takes an amazing dress to make a fashion statement. The slip dress is one that is trendy, and various celebrities such as Selena Gomez have been spotted wearing it during the daytime. With different front tie dresses available, choose the one that best compliments your body.

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