Did you know the origin of a toga dress? It was and still is considered Ancient Rome’s national costume. It is a closely semi-circular woolen cloth, usually white, worn draped over the shoulders and around the body. The word toga probably derives from “tegere”, which means to cover.

Nowadays, we wear toga-inspired dresses because they are extremely comfortable or when we are attending a toga party. That’s a type of costume party with a Roman or Greek theme and in which both gender attendees are expected to wear the toga. Just by adding a right accessory, you will achieve a luxurious look to the design, similar to the Beach Wedding Dress.

Toga Wedding Dress

toga wedding dress


Wow! In this one shoulder dress, you will look like a goddess. If your intention is to look powerful, this dress will certainly help you. All you need is a right dangle earring to beautify the whole appearance. It is necessary to put on gold sandals on your feet to raise your outfit to a next level. Enjoy!

One Shoulder Toga Dress

one shoulder toga dress


The brooch on the dress is fabulous. The beautiful light green color is compatible with the brooch. Glance at the Tiered Dress.

Vintage Toga Dress Design

vintage toga dress design


The vintage style is one of the main trends for this season and this dress represents that style in every sense. Appropriate for older ladies in every sense as it reflects the past era of film divas and awakens your memories because it accentuates long sleeves.

Blue Short Toga Dress

blue short toga dress


Tropical Toga Dress

tropical toga dress

Gray Lace Toga Dress

gray lace toga dress


Purple Toga Wedding Dress

purple toga wedding dress


Gold Toga Dress Design

gold toga dress design

The toga dress is suitable for almost all body types. Pay attention to the cut and color of the toga dress. With the right accessory, you will look stunning just like a Broadway actress. Also, if you want an extra edge in your outfits, pair it with platform sandals or Roman sandals. Both are especially flattering for the toga dress. Now, jump to the Slit Dress.

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