Have you always been wondering about how to create more space in your home for the growing stack of souvenirs? A perfect answer lies in wall units. Popularly made from wood, wall units have been an artistic and convenient way to make more space around the house and put the wall to better use. Modern wooden wall units also come with amendable shelves, giving you the option to regularly come up with a new arrangement and keeping the décor lively. Here are some examples of wooden wall units that should explain more.

Wall Mounted Wooden Shelving Unit

wall mounted wooden shelving unit


Don’t have enough space in your showcase for all the souvenirs you collected from your trips across the world? Well, there’s a creative way to put them around for display. The example shows how small wooden wall units have been established using strong screws. The design of the arrangement can follow any pattern you like. Overall, you will have turned the wall into a collection!

Wooden Kitchen Wall Unit

wooden kitchen wall unit


The idea of wall units was conceived not to make space for your vases and small souvenirs but as more important functional units. This example perfectly shows how you can always choose to add some cabinet space in your kitchen for your growing needs.

White Wooden Wall Unit

white wooden wall unit


Wall units look best in their earthly texture and a bright and colorful background. But depending upon your existing room theme and décor in place, you can always choose to paint the wooden units before putting them up. In this case, it is white that matches the needs.

Living Room Wall Cabinet Unit

living room wall cabinets


Wall units can also take a bigger form and act as a fully fledged cabinet space. As this example shows, the wall units has been seamlessly integrated into the rest of the décor using the same texture of material and same color of primer over it.

Built in Wooden Wall Unit

built in wooden wall units


Wall units don’t necessarily need to come when you have a greater requirement of space. As in this case, the wall units form an important part of the basic construction and layout of the room design.

Hardwood Wall Storage Unit

wooden wall cabinets


As already depicted in a previous example, wall cabinets, added later can easily act as complete storage unique and can be as big as you want them to be. In this example, the wooden wall cabinets have become an integral part of the overall décor and layout altogether.

Wood Lounge Wall Unit

wood lounge wall units

Design by : jodi foster design + planning

If you are trying to make your lounge room more decorative, wooden wall units will be the best way to go about it. They can be added at any phase in the life of the property. Just make sure that you work with an experienced and skilled enough designer to make the new elements look perfectly integrated to the space.

Wall Mounted TV Unit

wall mounted tv unit


Perhaps the most popular usage of wall units is when a homeowner replaces the box TV with a more modern unit. Slim wall mounted TV do look especially good in unique wall bases. Now, it can be a complete change of the décor or a wooden frame mounted onto the wall and hanging interestingly to support the TV.

Modular Wooden Wall Unit

modular wooden wall unit


Wall units can also follow a modular construction, as beautifully depicted in this example. However, they will need to become a prime part of the original construction.

Modern Living Room Wall Unit

modern living room wall unit


This is an incredible example of how a wall unit has been added to a modernistic décor but comes to look like an important part of the space. With hardwood wooden frames and some nice strong screws, you can do a lot!

Darkwood Living Room Wall Unit

aquatic living room with wooden wall unit

Design by ; Matarozzi Pelsinger Builders

Rustic Wall Unit Design

rustic wall unit design


Black Wooden Wall Unit Design

wooden wall black unit design


Custom Wooden Wall Unit Design

custom wooden wall unit design


Wooden Wall Unit with Lighting Idea

wooden wall unit with lighting idea


Dark Wooden Wall Cabinet Unit

dark wooden wall cabinet design


Oak Wood Wall Unit

wooden wall unit with lamps


Black Wooden Wall Unit Design

black wooden wall unit design


Wooden Wall Shelf Unit

wooden wall shelf unit

Design by : Rachel Kay

We hope that some ideas clicked with your space and you would be using these ideas to make your own room more useful! Do leave a feedback about the same!

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