If the growing and popular trend of mixing metals has provoked a desire to incorporate the classy and luxe look in your space, we have the best examples to give you a sturdy start. With a mix of brass, copper and other refined and antique materials, the below mentioned 10 ideas will help you give a designer transformation to your home.

1. Go Bold With Gold

go bold with gold

Including some bits and pieces of the golden exterior in the home will help to reflect luxury and sophistication without being too stuffy or gaudy. Try and experiment with a statement golden frame for your bringing an edge to your living room decor.

2. Master Bedroom Metals

master bedroom metals

Whether it is with a metallic headboard or a golden accented mirror frame, the metals help to bring a touch of luxury to your standard or regularly designed bedroom.

3. Mix of Silver and Gold

mix of silver and gold

A room reflecting both a touch of silver and gold help to offer a captivating contrast to the interiors. You can try and include a warm gold light fixture for extending a royal finish to your space.

4. Rustic Blended with Glam

rustic blended with glam

If overly polished or high shine space does not match well with your personality, try and opt for a delicate chandelier and arched gold mirror placed right next to a dining room table. The look matches exceptionally well with wooden table and industrial metal chair designs.

5. Luxe Detailing

luxe detailing

Small details and accents like fur throw, gold lamp, and bronze ottoman lend a subtle as well as opulent look in the contemporary styled bedrooms.

6. Eclectic Look

eclectic look

Go the unconventional route by mixing metals with textiles and patterns. The metallics, when complemented with wood, velvet, and other textiles, bring forward a perfect amalgamation of style and sophistication.

7. Testing the Water

testing the water

The mix of gold and gray accents help to bring a crafty yet attractive feature in the home. In a complementing hue, the colors when blended together lend an elegant touch to space.

8. Fun and Quirky

fun and quirky1

Bring a fun and adorable touch to your home by blending a toile-patterned wallpaper with a golden mirror and silver light fixture.

9. Surprising Style

surprising style

Bring a refreshing touch to your space by combining the gold and silver furnishings with a country style edge. The look will come out lovely for both modern as well as traditional homes.

10. Antique Inspiration

antique inspiration

Opt for a neutral color palette that allows the metallic accents to shine through the vintage themed interiors of a bedroom. The bronze colored lamps matched with silver chandelier and subtle mirrors bring a period presence to the home.

Bring a shine to your space with these 10 mixed metal designs that are unique and stunning in their demeanor.

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