Chairs are one of the most indispensable parts of every interior. No design is complete without comfortable chairs. They have been with us from ages and are irreplaceable. With time the chairs have also evolved. From sleek to heavy, new innovative designs have surprised us and changed the way we looked at chairs. They are not only meant for seating and relaxing, a single chair changes the entire look of your space with its design and texture. Here are a few designs which will leave your speechless.

Modern Chair Designs

Modern chairs can be defined as maximum comfort in sleek designs. Clear acrylic chairs can alleviate the style quotient of any room. They are available in different styles and shades as well. Simple wooden frame with basic plywood back rest and seat looks classy yet comfortable. A straight back chair with steel legs and leather cushioning looks comfortable without compromising on style.

Modern Chaise Chair Design

modern chaise chair design

Modern Wood Chair Design

modern wood chair design

Office Chair Designs

If you have to spend a minimum of eight hours on a chair it better be comfortable. A sleek frame with leather weave which softens with time takes less space and adds more style. A classic seat covered with traditional cushions looks professional yet relaxing. Delicately designed leather seat to fit your body frame with aluminium frame and leather cushioning on arm rests looks every bit plush.

Office Wooden Chair Design

office wooden chair design

Modern Office Chair Design

modern office chair design

Folding Chair Designs

Folding chairs are a perfect innovation for small spaces. Whenever you need extra seating, pull out your folding chairs and you are ready to invite your guests. Whether it is traditional wooden folding chairs or metallic frame with canvas seating they are comfortable, easy to store and practical.

Folding Beach Chair Design

folding beach chair design

Folding Camp Chair Design

folding camp chair design

Outdoor Chair Designs

Your outdoor chairs need to be comfortable at the same time an all weather design. Cane chairs are quite famous as outdoor chairs. There are different designs available to suite your interiors. You can also consider stylised plastic or metal chairs. Plastic weave chairs also look amazing in outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Wooden Chair Design

outdoor wooden chair design

Outdoor Rocking Chair Design

outdoor rocking chair design

Outdoor Lounge Chair Design

outdoor lounge chair design

Dining Chair Designs

Your dining chairs should have straight back and perfect height as per your dining table. A traditional straight back chair with leather cushioning adds luxury to the look. A classic design with leathered back rest and seat looks plush and comfortable. Keep it simple with slightly curved back rest made in dark wood cushioned seat.

Wrought Iron Dining Chair Design

wrought iron dining chair design

Classic Dining Chair Design

classic dining chair design

Steel Dining Chair Design

steel dining chair design

Living Room Chair Designs

Choose chairs for your living room as per your interiors and purpose. A heavily cushioned chairs made in wooden frame looks amazing besides fireplace. Just sink in the softness and enjoy the warmth. A straight back chair with ivory white cushions and dark wood body and hand-rest adds both style and comfort to your space. Experiment with colours and add texture to your living room by using the right chair.

Modern Living Room Chair Design

modern living room chair design

Wooden Living Room Chair Design

wooden living room chair design

Garden Chair Designs

Nothing can beat simple wooden benches for garden but you cannot strike out the attractiveness of designer plastic chairs. Keep them plain or use the cushioned once. Traditional wooden chairs blends well with the greens. Use cane chairs to add a tropical relaxed look.

Metal Garden Chair Design

metal garden chair design

Simple Garden Chair Design

simple garden chair design

Deck Chair Designs

There is no restriction on the type of chairs you can use for your deck. For a covered deck you can opt for cushioned sofas as well. Enjoy the summers with a heavily cushioned lay-back chair on your open deck. Plain or cushioned wooden chairs also look perfect for a deck.

Wooden Deck Chair Design

wooden deck chair design

Restaurant Chair Designs

Chairs in restaurants depend on the themed interiors of the restaurant. For a retro look you can expect colourful chairs or even metal chairs. For sophisticated look a dark wood chair with perfectly cushioned seat looks perfect. Expect velvet or leather cushions if the restaurant is a luxury restaurant.

Metal Restaurant Chair Design

metal restaurant chair design

Modern Restaurant Chair Design

modern restaurant chair design

Kitchen Chair Designs

Chairs in kitchen need to be more practical. If you are looking at chairs to sit and work in the kitchen a basic wooden chair would be perfect. In case you are shopping for chairs for the dining counter made in your Kitchen Island, you can use comfortable dining chairs. According to the height of your dining counter you can also opt for high chairs.

Modern Kitchen Chair Design

modern kitchen chair design

Hanging Chair Designs

Hanging chairs take you back to your childhood. Nothing can be as comfortable as hanging chairs. Hook it to your ceiling in your patio or porch area or buy the one with stand which can be placed anywhere in the house. It can be a nicely cushioned hanging cane chair, a modern clear acrylic hanging chair, a minimalistic metallic frame or wooden frame with leather cushioning.

Outdoor Hanging Chair Design

outdoor hanging chair design

Hanging Wooden Chair Design

hanging wooden chair design

Kate Jackson Design

Bedroom Chair Designs

Your bedroom chair should be a definition of cosiness. Consider a heavily cushioned arm chair with high back rest and extra cushions. A modern design with slightly curved back rest to support your frame and a matching leg rest adds the comfort to the design.

Wooden Bedroom Chair Design

wooden bedroom chair design

LMK Interiors

Master Bedroom Chair

master bedroom chair

Photo by Jay Greene

Home Office Chair Designs

Choose semi formal chairs that will look professional yet comfortable. A straight back cushioned chair looks smart and is comfortable at the same time. If you have a minimalistic interiors than a sleek office chair with leather cushioning will add both style and comfort.

Home Office Desk Chair

home office desk chair

Harrell Remodeling / Design + Build

White Home Office Chair

white home office chair

Photo by Andrew Snow

Kids Chair Designs

Use vibrant colours while choosing chairs for Kids as they get attracted with colours. Furniture for kids should not have sharp edges. Colourful chairs with animal themes designs increases the fun. Use short cushioned chairs that they can play with without getting hurt.

Creative Kids Chair Design

creative kids chair design

April Hamilton Interior Designers

Kids Bean Bag Chair

kids bean bag chair

Study Chair Designs

There is not a great difference between an office chair and study chairs except for the use of wheels for mobility in office chairs. Study chairs should have a straight back rest for support. A leg rest along with study chair makes it comfortable to alter positions while studying for long hours.

Wooden Study Chair Design

wooden study chair design

Photo by Jeff Zaruba

Comfy Study Chair

comfy study chair

Design by CplusC Architectural Workshop

Arm Chair Designs

There are various designs that you can choose from. Go for asymmetric arm chair with single arm rest only on one side. Traditional wooden arm chairs with comfortable wooden arm rest for both hands. Cushioned chairs with completely covered and cushioned arm rest. Modern designed with metallic arm rests and legs.

Traditional Arm Chair Design

traditional arm chair design

Design by Lovette Construction

Scandinavian Arm Chair Design

scandinavian arm chair design

Photo by Chris Snook

Swivel Chair Designs

It’s the time of swivel chairs and they are no longer restricted to offices. You can have them in any design. Heavily cushioned straight back chair in your home office, lay-back chairs in your drawing room or the heavily cushioned leather sofas in your study. They look classy and it’s fun to swivel on them.

Leather Swivel Chair Design

leather swivel chair design

Artistic Designs For Living

Round Swivel Chair

round swivel chair

Design by Camber Construction

Rocking Chair Designs

Rocking chairs never go out of style. A traditional wooden or cane rocking chair with cushions looks beautiful. A modern minimalistic design with one frame wooden rocking chair adds style to your room. A neatly designed curved wooden frame with cushion makes for a simple yet classy rocking chair. A lay-back chair with curved metallic legs makes for a wonderful rocker.

Wooden Rocking Chair Design

wooden rocking chair design

Cardboard Rocking Chair Design

cardboard rocking chair design

Traditional Chair Designs

Traditional chairs have a heavy wooden frame work with elaborate carvings on the legs, hand rest and the frame work of the back rest. They are usually heavily cushioned with fine fabrics like velvet or leather. Simple dining chairs also have fine carvings at least on legs.

Traditional Rocking Chair Design

traditional rocking chair design

Design by Connor Homes

Traditional Dining Chair Design

traditional dining chair design

Design by David Clark Construction

Beach Chair Designs

Simple wooden beach chairs are not the only options. Beach chairs with wooden frame and plastic weaves are equally comfortable and classy. If it is too sunny use folding beach chairs with built in shade.

Wood Beach Chair Design

wood beach chair design

Photo by Sean Litchfield

Beach Lounge Chair

beach lounge chair

When you get tired the first thing that comes to your mind is a place to sit; a chair. Chairs are undoubtedly the most important part of any interior be it your house, beach, restaurant, classrooms or offices. All these spaces will be empty and incomplete without chairs. With new designs and innovation they have become an important part of styling as well but still a basic rule for any chair design is comfort. Whether it is a chair in your bedroom or the one in your study it should be comfortable.

Be innovative and add a different definition to your interiors with these amazing chairs. Though there are hundreds of designs to choose from, I am sure these wonderful chair designs will give you a desired start. Select the design and colours that suite your interiors and enjoy the comfort.

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