Planning your outdoors is as important as planning your indoors and your choice of chairs can change the entire look of your outdoors. You can use cane chairs to add to your rustic outdoors or use wicker chairs to add style. With latest trending designs you will feel spoilt for choice. If you are worried about rough weather, use concrete lounge chairs for your plush outdoor fireplace. Here are some amazing ideas for outdoor chair designs to suite your outdoor spaces.

Outdoor Lounge Chairs

For a covered outdoor lounge you can opt for a cushioned arm chair. For an open outdoor lounge wicker chairs make for a wonderful option. You can use them plane or with cushions. You may also see Chaise Lounge Chair Designs

Outdoor Landscape Lounge Chair Design

outdoor landscape lounge chair design

Photo by Jeff Garland

Simple Outdoor Lounge Chairs

simple outdoor lounge chairs

Wooden Outdoor Chair Designs

Wood is the most flexible medium for making chairs. You can use simplistic wooden chairs to match your modern interiors or firm wooden sofa with comfortable cushions for relaxed evening tea.

Rustic Outdoor Wooden Chairs

rustic outdoor wooden chairs

Lankford Design Group

Colorful Outdoor Wooden Chairs

colorful outdoor wooden chairs

Outdoor Rocking Chair Designs

There are various innovative designs of rocking chairs which can change your outdoors completely. A vintage straight back rocking chair adds the old world charm to a space where as newer designs with smart use of wicker compliments modern outdoors. You can add a hint of luxury with a rocking chair with metal frame and leather cushions.

Outdoor Rocking Chairs for Patio

outdoor rocking chairs for patio

Outdoor Wicker Rocking Chairs

outdoor wicker rocking chairs

Alan Galietti - RE/MAX Real Estate, LTD

Outdoor Folding Chairs

There are unlimited designs for folding chairs so why worry about the maintenance or your outdoor furniture. You can use plastic folding chairs with removable cushions. Make your outdoors retro with folding metal chairs. Folding chair with wooden frame and leather seat looks stylish. You may also see Outdoor Table And Chair Designs

Outdoor Metal Folding Chairs

outdoor metal folding chairs

Cute Outdoor Folding Chairs Idea

cute outdoor folding chairs idea

Outdoor Patio Chairs

Wooden chairs are still one of the favourite choices. You can use simple wooden chairs with comfortable cushion for your patio seating. Give it a completely different look with seating as well as centre table made of wooden planks with visible grains. Wicker chairs is another favourite to be used for patios.

Modern Outdoor Patio Chairs

modern outdoor patio chairs

Traditional Outdoor Patio Chairs

traditional outdoor patio chairs

Outdoor Wicker Chair Designs

As already discussed wicker chairs are one of the popular choices for outdoor spaces. They are low maintenance and available in different earthy hues ranging from pale to black. You can use them as per your desire to personalise your outdoors.

Outdoor Red Wicker Chairs

outdoor red wicker chairs

Outdoor Dining Chair Ideas

Nothing suites a rustic outdoor dining space then simple, straight back metal chairs. For a more casual dining area you can have a relaxed sofa on one side and painted wooden straight back chairs on the other. You can keep them plain or cushion them as you like. You may also see Dining Chair Designs

Simple Outdoor Dining Chairs Idea

simple outdoor dining chairs idea

Metal Outdoor Chairs

Metal chairs are definitely the most easy to maintain option for outdoors. You can use chairs with sleek steel frame and leather seats for a modern look. Wrought iron chairs with cushioned seats also look perfect for outdoors.

Outdoor Patio Metal Chairs

outdoor patio metal chairs

Outdoor Hanging Chairs

Go for simple jute hanging chairs for a cottage look. Whether it is your patios or garden, a hanging chair made of cane fits in easily. Add a bit of style with hanging chairs made of clear crystal and fluffy cushioning.

Awesome Outdoor Hanging Chair Design

awesome outdoor hanging chair design

Photo by Sarah Natsumi Moore

Modern Outdoor Chair Designs

An all weather wicker armchair with straight lines and perfect cushioning can match your modern exteriors perfectly. Go retro with colourful aluminium chairs with contemporary design and make.

Modern Laguna Outdoor Chairs

modern laguna outdoor chairs

Wire Outdoor Chairs

Wire chairs immediately take your imagination to wire Bertoia chairs which became a rage in early fifties and there contemporary look and form makes its place in any modern house. Chairs made of galvanised steel mesh are another exciting alternative. They too are available in various designs and shapes. You may also see Scandinavian Chair Designs

Outdoor Silver Wire Chairs

outdoor silver wire chairs

Vintage Outdoor Chairs

For a vintage look think about a painted wrought iron chairs. Metal chairs with intricate designs take you back to the Victorian gardens. For a vintage retro look you can search for chairs with shiny steel frame and confirmable cushioning.

Vintage White Outdoor Chairs

vintage white outdoor chairs

Photo by Julie Ranee

Mesh Outdoor Chairs

Mesh looks stylish and mesh chairs are available in various materials. Mesh chairs made of cast aluminium looks just perfect for a classy outdoor dining area. You will be surprised with colour and variety available in plastic mesh chairs which are a perfect pocket friendly option for an attractive outdoor seating. You may also see Kitchen Chair Designs

Mesh Outdoor Dining Chairs

mesh outdoor dining chairs

Outdoor Armless Chair Designs

Armless chairs are light in look and can be easily sacked and stored if required. It can a traditional straight back wooden chair or contemporary plastic chairs. You can also opt for simple straight back armless wicker chairs with cushioned seat.

Outdoor Armless Wooden Chairs

outdoor armless wooden chairs

With smart furniture choices you can make your outdoors as interesting and welcoming as your living room. Chairs used in outdoors have to face changing weather as in contrast to living room chairs and hence the choice of material is different. That does not mean you have to compromise on comfort; new design innovation do give you freedom to have lavish and comfortable outdoors.

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