An outdoor shower is a great idea to wash off all the sand and chloride from your body. During the day that the weather is nice and hot a shower will help you cool down. You can choose among a huge variety of shower designs that will make your space look elegant and fashionable. For this post, we scoured the web to collect the following designs, presenting you with the most fabulous outdoor shower ideas. You may also see Outdoor Designs

Portable Outdoor Showers

With a portable you have a versatile design that you can place it anywhere you need it. You can find many different designs for portable showers. Most are available in lightweight materials like wood – natural or manufactured – and metal with sturdy designs and weather resistant properties for long life use. You may also see Outdoor Bar Stool Designs

Portable Wooden Outdoor Shower

portable wooden outdoor shower

Outdoor Stone Shower Designs

Make your shower a great part of your outdoor landscape by using a natural material like stone. Build a stylish shower cabin with stones in earthy tones using various sizes and shapes in order to add a visual interest to the construction. You can complete with wood or stone flooring. You may also see Outdoor Bench Designs

Simple Outdoor Stone Shower

simple outdoor stone shower

Outdoor Garden Shower Ideas

With a shower in your garden you will be allow you to style your enclosure with plants that love water. You can keep a natural theme with stone walls or wood planks that will make your space look inviting while giving you the needed privacy for a stylish shower design.

Modern Outdoor Garden Shower

modern outdoor garden shower

Rustic Outdoor Shower Designs

Embellish your space with a design that will make a stylistic statement. Create a rustic theme for your outdoor shower that will look perfect in wood or stone. The rough look of these materials can bring a fashionable rusticity in your outdoor space giving you excellent results with extra character. You may also see Outdoor Chair Designs

Rustic Outdoor Shower with Wood Door

rustic outdoor shower with wood door

Outdoor Beach Shower Designs

An outdoor beach shower is suitable for coastal houses. You can use materials like wood and frosted glass in order to create stylish cabin. You can use stones or wood tiles for your flooring while you can even choose to have an open design or covered one for extra protection.

Cool Outdoor Beach Shower

cool outdoor beach shower

DIY Outdoor Shower Ideas

A great idea for diy outdoor shower is using bamboo. It has waterproof qualities making the perfect material to use for an outdoor shower. You can match the enclosure with flooring made of concrete or one with wood planks for extra style to create a charming design for your space. You may also see Outdoor Fountain Designs

Rustic DIY Outdoor Shower

rustic diy outdoor shower

Outdoor Pool Shower Ideas

Choose the right design for your pool shower depending on the space’s style. If your pool is made in a certain design you can follow up with the appropriate shower style. You can go for neutral colors for wood and stone or you can get a strongly contrasting color scheme.

Small Outdoor Pool Shower

small outdoor pool shower

Design by Restyled Home

Modern Outdoor Shower Designs

Modern showers require a minimalistic design. You can go for a simple shower cabin in wood that will make your space look warm and stylish. On the other hand you can go for elegant stone walls to rejuvenate your outdoor area completing with a contemporary shower head in square shape. You may also see Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Modern Wall Mounted Outdoor Shower

modern wall mounted outdoor shower

Luxury Outdoor Showers

In case you want to aim for luxury then you have to consider materials that can give you elegance and glamour. You can go for a floor with tiles in stone or ceramic. You can also choose a style that matches your space while incorporating an open plan for spaciousness.

Luxury Outdoor Patio Shower

luxury outdoor patio shower

Tropical Outdoor Shower Ideas

For a tropical outdoor shower design you need to consider the materials you will choose as well as the plants that will bring the tropics right in your shower area. Materials with warming qualities like the various wood types and stones in earthy shades can bring an fashionably inviting feeling.

Simple Tropical Outdoor Shower

simple tropical outdoor shower

Wall Mounted Outdoor Showers

There are many different designs that can be mounted on walls. You will find many shower designs with high class style to help you create a fashionable space. With overtop protection and the right maintenance or care you can enjoy the benefits of your outdoor shower for years to come.

Wall Mounted Outdoor Farmhouse Shower

wall mounted outdoor farmhouse shower

Outdoor Wooden Showers

Wooden structures can give you impressive designs accentuating the way your space looks. You can go for an enclosure made of oak or teak in an intricate design that will create an architectural interest. Complete the look with stone slates or wide wooden planks for an even and natural feeling.

Awesome Outdoor Wooden Shower

awesome outdoor wooden shower

Cottage Outdoor Shower Designs

Cottage styled showers come with stylish designs. Decide a metal or wood panel design to add character to the structure mixing it with each other to get a design that looks superb no matter where you place it in your backyard’s premises. For the flooring you can go for stone.

Beach Cottage Outdoor Shower

beach cottage outdoor shower

You can style your shower anyway you like. You can create stylish niches to store shampoos and soap for easy access while you can have an enclosure that look natural with materials like wood. Design your space with gorgeous outdoor designs and enjoy every square inch of your outdoor space.

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