If you want to add a shower in your bathroom then you can consider having a walk in shower. These designs have a stylish look that blends easily with the rest of the bathroom. Made of materials like glass, tiles, and metal, these shower designs can give you a unique look that sometimes a bathtub can’t offer you. In today’s post, we are going to share with you a collection of walk in shower ideas. You may also see Steam Shower Designs

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Stone Walk-In Shower

Stone is a material that brings a natural look in any bathroom. You can use it to adorn the walls of your shower in order to create a statement design. Choose the stone that fits your needs and your tastes.

Natural Stone Walk-In Shower


Grey Stone Walk-In Shower


Small Walk-In Shower Design

Even a small bathroom can have a shower. Walk-in showers are the best solution as opposed to bathtubs. You can install a small bench and shelves mounted on the walls to give you storage for shampoo and soaps. You may also see Curbless Shower Designs

Small Walk-In Shower Wall Tile

Photo by Niall Hastie

Traditional Small Walk-In Shower


Walk-In Tile Shower Design

The variety in tiles is so great that can give you many different ideas for your walk in shower. You can choose among ceramic, glass and porcelain tiles that will make your bathroom look stylish and elegant with character. You may also see Open Shower Designs

Ceramic Walk-In Tile Shower


Marble Walk-In Tile Shower


Glass Walk-In Shower Idea

The transparency of the glass can give you a seamless design that will make your bathroom look stunning. You can choose among clear and frosted glass options in case you want some privacy. Most homeowners opt for clear glass options.

Contemporary Glass Walk-In Shower Bathroom


Simple Glass Walk-In Shower Idea


Bathroom Walk-In Shower

A walk in shower is a great addition to many bathrooms. It can also add style and character while giving you a safe and easy to get in and out choice for the days that you are in a hurry. You may also see Bathroom Glass Shower Designs

Master Bathroom Walk-In Shower Design


Small Bathroom Walk-In Shower


Marble Walk-In Shower

Whether you go for marble slates or tiles the end result is going to give you a fabulous design with a stunning look. You can choose among various marble designs with heavy or soft veins to add character in your bathroom.

Marble Walk-In Shower with Glass


Marble Wall Walk-In Shower


Corner Walk-In Shower

A corner walk-in shower is sure to make your space look neat while at the same time saving you walking space. You can choose a design with solid glass panels or you can opt for a half wall design. You may also see Shower Room Designs

Corner Walk-In Shower with White Tiles


Walk-In Tub Shower

You can combine a walk-in shower with a tub in order to achieve a stylish design. You can place your tub in a large shower or you can simply choose a tub that has a glass shower door design.

Cool Walk-In Tub Shower


Luxury Walk-In Shower

For a luxurious look, you need to make sure that every surface in your walk-in shower has a sleek design. This will make your space look elegant and glamorous with a sophisticated tone that will give you a luxurious design.

Modern Luxury Walk-In Shower


L-Shaped Walk-In Shower

L-shaped showers are mostly designed in an open door style that looks elegant and stylish. You can choose a design with a minimalistic design that will accentuate the walls tile work. This will help you show off an accent shower wall.

Corner L-Shaped Walk-In Shower


Rustic Walk-In Shower Idea

Rough looking stone and wood are the main materials that will give you the right amount of rusticity you need for a rustic bathroom. You can choose any design that matches the rest of the bathroom for a matching effect. You may also see Bathroom Shower Tile Designs

Rustic Bathroom Walk-In Shower


Modern Walk-In Showers

Sleek design meets minimalistic mood in a modern synthesis of a walk in shower. Choose a simple design in a crisp orthogonal or a soft round shape in order to add an elegant visual interest in your bathroom’s space.

Modern Walk-In Shower Wall Tile Design


A walk in shower can make your bathroom look stylish while maintaining its functional use. Also, its design can help you use it in a safer and easier way since it allows you to get in and out effortlessly especially for the elderly and individuals with health and mobility problems.

Shower designs have the same rules no matter if they are indoors or outdoors. You will find that just like in outdoor showers, certain materials can give you different looks. Choose a design that is convenient for your bathroom’s layout with a smart approach to saving space is a fashionable way.

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