Love an open shower design? Well, the experience is really exotic, but comes with a maintenance threat. Architects; however seemed to have found a mid way. Let’s present some shower designs that are both trendy and self cleaning! That said, it is necessary that you understand the finer details of construction to give a longer life to your bathroom.

Small Bathroom Open Shower

small bathroom open shower

Design by : iPhotographyHOMES

Open showers have generally been associated with big bathrooms. However, you can also choose to have it in your smaller bathroom space. Separated by a glass wall on one side, these open showers are advisably constructed at one corner of the bathroom. With slanting flooring the water management is taken care of. However, you need to ensure that excitement doesn’t ruin the walls too much! It’s okay as long as you are showering yourself or another person!

Open Glass Shower Idea

open glass shower idea

Open showers are best maintained with the installation of glass wall barriers. They don’t just restrict the splash but also able create the charm of a transparent bathing space. Restricted to one side of the bathroom, you can always direct the used water with a slanting floor and an inch high frame along the glass door. You can also see Small Bathroom Renovation Ideas

Simple Open Shower Design

simple open shower design

In this example, the architect has been able to create an amazingly charming and cozy space for showers. The arrangement of the sink walls and the small glass window itself acts as a barricade to save the rest of the bathroom from splashed and the risks associated with wet floors. This design is not recommended if you have kids to use this same bathroom.

Open Wall Shower Design

open wall shower design

There’s no limit to how wild things like a bath can get! This is perfect for young couples looking for a private space inside their own property. Here, the bathroom doesn’t come with a ceiling but has enough foliage to make it an adventurous experience.

Open Walk in Shower Idea

open walk in shower idea

In this example, the architect has cleverly used the sink wall in between the room to create a complete barricade to the showering area, while being able to keep it open. The raised platform for the shower area itself separates it from the rest f the room while the splash is taken care of by the sink wall. This is what we would like to say as an adventurous privacy! You can also see Farmhouse Style Bathroom Designs

Open Shower Remodeling

open shower remodeling

This is again an example of delicate privacy created by an open ceiling, open base half and a transparent barricade for the rest of the area. Apart from being functional, this also looks a notch exotic, compared to simple glass wall designs.

Open Shower Tiles Idea

open shower tiles idea

Design by : Jack 'N Tool Box, Inc.

The nature of tiling is very important when we are talking about an open shower design. They need to be resistant, safe, durable and also aesthetically pleasing. In this case, the architect has used tiles of different sizes but of uniform color o create a vibrant space.

Doorless Open Shower Design

doorless shower design

This is a perfect example of how you can have both a bath tub and an open shower integrated into a single space. Enjoy your wine and private conversations in this ideally designed space.

Small Walk in Open Shower Design

small walk in open shower

Ideal for a small bathroom, this design keeps things simple yet highly functional. The walk in shower uses a glass door to separate the shower area functionally but keep it visually open.

Open Shower with Half Wall

open shower with half wall

The half raised wall here facilitates easy maintenance and saves the rest of the bathroom from splashes. However, the glass wall on the mat side is set with a highly absorbent carpet for you to step out dry.

Open Shower Storage Cabinets

open shower storage cabinets

White Open Bathroom Shower Idea

white open bathroom shower idea

Rustic Tiles Half Wall Shower Idea

rustic tiles half wall shower idea

Open Glass Wall Shower Idea

wall shower bathroom idea

Open Shower Gray Tiles

renovation of open shower design

Open Shower with Wall Pattern Idea

open shower with wall pattern idea

Small Shower Bathroom Design

small shower bathroom design

Blue Open Shower Tiles

blue open shower tiles

Open Shower Back Splash

open shower backsplash

Rustic Bathroom Shower Idea

rustic bathroom shower idea

We hope you have found what you had come looking for and are inspired enough to plan your own open shower. Just remember that the excitement of a completely open shower shouldn’t neglect the need for safety precautions and maintenance ease. Have a good day!

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