How do you feel when you have long hours of time to sit in the outdoor area of your house and stare at the flames of an Outdoor Fire Pit? True indeed, these pits add a refined taste to the way you live. You can enjoy the warmth of the flames in your bones. Outdoor fire pits are of various designs and structural variations. Here are some of the most elegant fire pit designs that you can pick from. You may also see Outdoor Fireplace Designs

Outdoor Gas Fire Pits

Outdoor gas fire pits are clean and are of various shapes and designs. The most common ones are the rectangular or circular ones. You can install one in the stone patio of your home to get a fine degree of sophistication from the blue flames.

Outdoor Gas Fire Pit with Glass

outdoor gas fire pit with glass

Portable Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

portable outdoor gas fire pit

Design by All Backyard Fun

Diy Outdoor Fire Pits

These fire pits are generally build with blocks of stone, grey in colour. Customise the looks of the fire pit by opting for a stone sitting area around it. A couple of light wooden chairs and a quite evening, what else do you crave for?

Diy Outdoor Brick Fire Pit

diy outdoor brick fire pit

Modern Outdoor Fire Pits

If you want to deliver a modernised punch in the fire pits, brace up the looks of the place with elegant furniture. Install a circular sofa set around the place and get a stone-cover for the paving. You may also see Coolest Fire Pit Designs

Modern Outdoor Patio Fire Pit

modern outdoor patio fire pit

Modern Round Outdoor Fire Pit

modern round outdoor fire pit

Small Outdoor Fire Pits

In order to achieve utmost compatibility with space, you can go for a smaller structure for the fire pit. These are usually covered with a sheet of metal to prevent water falling into it, in case it rains. The small pits are usually round in shape.

Small Outdoor Diy Fire Pit

small outdoor diy fire pit

Small Outdoor Gas Fire Pit

small outdoor gas fire pit

Outdoor Wood Fire Pits

Wooden fire pits have their own class. If you want to present a cultured look, go for a wooden fire pit mounted on supporting wrought iron legs. These are of various shapes, rectangular, square or circular.

Outdoor Wood Burning Fire Pit

outdoor wood burning fire pit

Outdoor Stone Fire Pits

Stone fire pits are inherent with class and sophistication. You can personalise the shade of stone according to the settings. These are ideal for stone patios and make them classy in attire.

Outdoor Stacked Stone Fire Pit

outdoor stacked stone fire pit

McClellan Architects

Outdoor Gas Stone Fire Pit

outdoor gas stone fire pit

Outdoor Patio Fire Pits

When you tailor a fire pit for a patio, take a note of the chairs, colour of stones and the size of stone chunks in the pit. Make sure that the stones are similar in looks, so that it looks like a dream place to rest and cherish the moments.

Outdoor Stone Patio Fire Pit

outdoor stone patio fire pit

Design by Alderwood Landscape

Outdoor Metal Fire Pits

Metal fire pits are commonly used to get a rustic look in the fire place. You can customise the shape as per your requirement. The lustre of polished metal like brass or copper blends with the golden flames of the fire to bring a cultured look to your outdoor area.

Diy Outdoor Metal Fire Pit

diy outdoor metal fire pit

Square Outdoor Fire Pits

You can design the square fire pits in different patterns. For instance, you can have a minimalist design for the pit with a couple of chairs and stone paving. You can also go for luxurious sofas around a stone fire pit.

Square Outdoor Fire Pit with Glass

square outdoor fire pit with glass

Little Miracles Designs

Square Outdoor Concrete Fire Pit

square outdoor concrete fire pit

Brick Outdoor Fire Pits

Brick fire pits are ideal for patios made or red bricks. The reddish hue of bricks and the tanned colour of the pit has its inherent elegance. You can opt for cane chairs for sitting arrangement beside these pits.

Red Brick Outdoor Fire Pit

red brick outdoor fire pit

Stone Brick Outdoor Fire Pit

stone brick outdoor fire pit

Design by Alderwood Landscape

Round Outdoor Fire Pits

Round fire pits are one of the most commonly incorporated designs. It has the ability to match with every possible setting. You can design a brick or metal fireplace, round in shape and complement it with matching furniture to make it look sophisticated.

Round Outdoor Stone Fire Pit

round outdoor stone fire pit

Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior Design

Glass Outdoor Fire Pits

Glass outdoor fire pits are used in contemporary buildings and villas. Glass has a crystalline attire that pairs up well with fire. You can design glass fire pits in every possible shape and enjoy your time by the fire.

Fire Glass Outdoor Fire Pit

fire glass outdoor fire pit

Design by Arrow. Land + Structures

Concrete Outdoor Fire Pits

Concrete fire pits are among the oldest models of fire pits. They are suitable for brick or stone patios, or simply an area with concrete blocks for sitting. You can opt for a deep concrete fire pit with low walls.

Contemporary Concrete Outdoor Fire Pit

contemporary concrete outdoor fire pit

Rustic Outdoor Fire Pits

If you gave a refined taste for living, opt for rustic fire pits. These can be made of stone, wood, metal or a combination of these materials. Incorporate round chunks of weathered wood for sitting around a stone fire pit.

Diy Rustic Outdoor Fire Pit

diy rustic outdoor fire pit

Portable Outdoor Fire Pits

Portable fire pits are generally crafted with metal and have a cover. You can use the attached handle to carry it to other places. Due to the small size, it is easy to carry it from one place to another. You may also see Corner Fireplace Designs

Portable Backyard Fire Pit

portable backyard fire pit

Outdoor fire pits have a lot of utility, apart from just the warmth they provide you with. It can be used as a key element of the architecture of your home. Customize the structure, design, and materials of the fire pits to craft your outdoor area in style, innovation and sophistication.

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