Curtains are not only a decorative privilege of interior spaces. There is a great range of curtain designs made of fine materials that are suitable to adorn an outdoor space making it look stylish. Moreover, curtains are a great way getting privacy when you need it while you are enjoying your time outdoors. In this post you are going to find a collection of outdoor curtains to help you bring some style in your space. You may also See Outdoor Shower Designs

Outdoor Patio Curtains

Style your patio with a set of curtains. There is a vast variety of curtains to choose from. You can choose them in a simple color that will complete the space’s design or you can go for a complex style that will add character while protecting you from sun rays.

outdoor patio curtains

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Outdoor Shower Curtains

Your outdoor shower deserves a stylish curtain that will add charm to the space while giving you privacy. You can choose a design with interesting colors and patterns in order to add something different and to create a visual specialty. You can choose a matching color scheme with the flooring.

outdoor shower curtains

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Diy Outdoor Curtain Designs

Create your own private space in your backyard with a diy project. You can hang drop cloth designs that you will tie to the side giving an elegant style. Alternatively you can experiment with various styles to see what fits by painting your own curtains with colors of your choice.

diy outdoor curtain designs

Dotter & Solfjeld

Striped Outdoor Curtains

Stripes can give you an incredible look that will make your space fashionable. Choose the stripe design depending on your personal tastes. Generally, vertical stripes make your space look taller while horizontal ones make it wider. This will prove ideal for small or narrow spaces like a porch or deck.

striped outdoor curtains

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Outdoor Mesh Curtains

Mesh curtains will provide you protection from insects like flies, bees and mosquitoes. It is suitable for areas that suffer from pests and sunny weather all year. You can find many designs that will give you what you need along with style and character through a trendy, high quality design. You may also See Outdoor Fireplace Designs

outdoor mesh curtains

Outdoor Window Curtain Design

Outdoor windows can look fantastic with the right curtain design. You can choose a design with minimalistic style or you can go for a floral design with stunning flowers to make things a little bit more interesting for your space. This will also give more privacy for the indoor spaces.

outdoor window curtain design

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Industrial Outdoor Curtains

For an industrial curtain you can start from the curtain rods. Choose a metal design with pipes like bronze or aluminum that will make the space look elegant. For the curtains, choose a drapery made of heavy materials with a minimalistic approach to add some character in the outdoor space.

industrial outdoor curtains

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Outdoor Deck Curtains

For your deck you can choose a curtain design in the same pattern or material as your furniture or as a set of accessories like throw pillows. This will make your deck look polished and elegant giving you stylish approach and making the curtains blend easier to the setting.

outdoor deck curtains

Outdoor Kitchen Curtains

Bring some style to your outdoor kitchen with a curtain design that will accentuate your space. Light colors like white and beige will make your space look brighter. You can change the curtains every season in order to give a versatile look in your kitchen area keeping things interesting all year.

outdoor kitchen curtains

Outdoor Lace Curtain Designs

Lace is one of the most intricate materials that can make a space look authentic with a touch of classic beauty. Hanging lacy curtains in your outdoor space you will create a romantic design full of elegance and vintage style. You can also go for a lace in bold color.

outdoor lace curtain designs

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Outdoor Fabric Curtains

Fabric curtains have a sturdy design that makes them durable for weather conditions. Additionally, they are great at providing you with privacy, since they have a solid weave with no transparency that will keep indiscreet eyes away from your space as well as protect you from the harmful sun’s rays.

outdoor fabric curtains

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Outdoor Porch Curtains

Turn your porch into a stylish space that will make your entire house look cozy and inviting. Depending on the layout of your porch you can take advantage of every architectural design and decorate it with fashionable and elegant curtain designs in unique materials and finish types for dramatic effect.

outdoor porch curtains

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Outdoor Pergola Curtains

Choose the style that you want to create for your pergola and go for it with curtains. You can add a soft touch with light colored curtains that will give a romantic vibe or you can choose a vibrant and bold color in order to create a strong visual design. You may also See Outdoor Bar Designs

outdoor pergola curtains

In general the designs you can create for your space are endless. You can go for a romantic design or a fierce one with heavy fabrics that will make your space look fabulous. The materials available in the market will help you choose the one that goes well with all.

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