When you have ample outdoor space adding special features can make it look stylish and elegant. There are many outdoor designs that you can use for your space to turn it into a unique setting with startling outlook. Fountains have been a great addition in outdoor spaces for centuries. Now you can find your own style and design through the following guide. We have put together a collection of outdoor fountains for harmonious outdoor settings.

Small Outdoor Fountains

A small design will give you immense style in a small backyard or a patio. You can find many designs in materials like stone, brass and ceramic giving you stunning looks and an elegant note for extra serene outdoor space. You may also see Fountain Light Designs

Small Outdoor Garden Fountain

Robinson Environmental Design

Simple Small Outdoor Fountain


Outdoor Wall Fountains

If you want something really special then you need to consider a wall fountain. These designs might take a small part of the wall or even the entire surface adding a unique design with stunning looks and extra natural character.

Modern Outdoor Wall Fountain


Outdoor Stone Wall Fountain


Modern Outdoor Fountains

Modern designs have a minimalistic approach to the matter giving a really majestic look. You can create a serene space with a modern fountain design that will allow you to look and hear the soft melody of the falling waters. You may also see Outdoor Garden Ideas

Modern Outdoor Landscape Fountain


Ultra Modern Outdoor Fountain


Outdoor Stone Fountains

All stone designs have a natural look that is suitable for every outdoor space. You can create a natural fountain made of stones in various sizes, colors and designs to add variety and to create a visually interesting fountain design.

Outdoor Patio Stone Fountain

Slater Associates Landscape Architects

Outdoor Stacked Stone Fountain


Contemporary Outdoor Fountains

The contemporary fountain designs can make a difference to the space’s overall look. These designs focus on the artistic side of things adding strong element of art deco in every space. Style your front or backyard with an eye catching piece. You may also see Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

Contemporary Outdoor Pool Fountain


Contemporary Outdoor Patio Fountain


Outdoor Garden Fountains

The garden is the space where everything is possible, even fountains. Choosing the design that will make your space look stylish is essential however you need to decide on a piece that will reflect on your personality to add character.

Traditional Outdoor Garden Fountain


Awesome Outdoor Garden Fountain


Outdoor Pool Fountain Designs

If you have a pool then adding a fashionable fountain is going to enhance the pool’s style. You can go for various materials ranging from wood to metal and from stone to glass in order to add a unique design. You may also see Pool Designs

Outdoor Pool Wall Fountain


Beautiful Outdoor Pool Fountain


Large Outdoor Fountains

A large fountain has a stronger impact on the way the space is going to look. You can choose any design that you think will complement your space while you also have to consider a matching design with the house.

Large Outdoor 3 Tier Fountain

Design by C&R Remodeling

Large Outdoor Garden Fountain


Diy Outdoor Fountains

All across the web you will find incredible tutorials for fabulous diy fountain projects. You can go for a stunning design made of an old urn or you can use old flower pots that you can style in levels for charming looks.

Diy Outdoor Stone Fountain


Diy Outdoor Landscape Fountain


Outdoor Patio Fountains

Each design has a certain appeal but you have to choose the one that will enhance your patio’s style. You will find many designs made of ceramic, porcelain, stone and metal giving a great deal of choices to go for.

Cool Outdoor Patio Fountain


These fountains come in a variety of designs that have creative design. You can use them in your backyard or even incorporate them in your patio design. No matter what you choose, opt for a water saving design for an environmental friendly choice that will give you points for style.

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