Have you have ever wanted to host a BBQ but cancelled it for the lack of space? BBQ is best done outdoors and it is more relevant to have a back porch than take the business indoors. Creating this outdoor space is fortunately simpler than your think. Whether you are looking to add one to your backyard or already have one that needs sprucing up, here are some unique examples to get you motivated. A back porch should be more than a deck and a roof over it. Depending on your outdoor landscaping and the design of your house, it can take several forms. See the examples below to get an idea.

Screened in Back Porch Idea

screened in back porch idea


While it is always better to be with the elements when designing a back porch, you can always choose to differ. As shown in this example, the back porch can get a complete screening using big glass walls. In this case, you have the perfect view but wouldn’t have to worry about the dust and dirt. This design is ideal for homeowners who worry too much about maintenance and keeping their floor clean!

Back Porch Renovation Idea

back porch renovation idea


This is another example of how beautiful a screened in back porch might look like. If you have good view of the landscape around, you can install glass sliding doors to suit dual purposes. Of course, whenever you want some air coming in, you can always slide open the glass doors but keeping it closed at other times will save your porch from the dirt and dust coming in.

Covered Back Porch Idea

covered back porch idea


In this case, the back porch offers both sun and shade to the homeowner. A part of the porch area is inside the roofing, while some chairs on the immediate outdoors also provides the opportunity to expose yourself to the elements. You can also see Eclectic Porch Ideas

Back Porch Lighting Design

back porch lighting design

Design by : Alix Bragg Interior Design

If you choose to have a back porch that is necessarily integrated into the indoors, it would be advisable to spruce it up with adequate lighting. This ensures that you can also use the space after dark and probably have a great family or friend’s get-together.

Pergola Back Porch Idea

pergola back porch idea


This idea for a back porch is perfect if you are renovating the existing one. Made from wooden frames and planks, you can choose among a variety of roofing styles to add personality to the space. With some terra coat planters and wooden chairs, the ambiance is perfect for a romantic evening. You can also see Contemporary Patio Designs

Back Porch Enclosures

back porch enclosures


Glass has always been the ideal material for screening any kind of outhouse, including back porches. In this case, the setting looks beautiful even after dark – thanks to the warm lighting.

Stone Back Porch Fire Pit

stone back porch fire pit


Having a stone layout in the back porch is always an extravagant affair. However, if you are ready to invest, it could be the best thing you would have done for yourself! A fireplace added to the setting is all that you need to cater those fun BBQ and stargazing with your partner!

Wooden Back Porch Swing

wooden back porch swing


A back porch is meant to be a space where you can laze around and feel free. The addition of a swing will always make things more fun, cozy and exciting for all members of your family.

Back Porch Railing Idea

back porch railing idea


If you have elderly in your house, it is advisable to have a railing guiding to and from the back porch. This makes the affair safer for everyone.

Mountain View Back Porch Patio

mountain view back porch patio


If you are fortunate enough to have a view of the mountains from your private property, it would be ideal to create a porch setting that matches the earthly mood. Using wood as your main material, you can go for a variety of settings.
Loved our back porch ideas? Well, we would like a feedback coming from your end. Further, if you already have a unique back porch setting, do share it with us in pictures.

Long Back Porch Idea

long back porch idea


Lake View Back Porch Idea

lake view back porch idea


Small Back Porch Idea

small back porch idea


Free Space Back Porch Lake View Idea

free space back porch lake view idea


Back Porch with Interior Design

back porch with interior design


Open Back Porch With Best View

open back porch with best view


Back Porch Deck Design

back porch deck design


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