There is no house without water supply. Despite the common use of faucets in house, there in no reason why they shouldn’t have style adding to the general look of the room. There is a great variety of faucet designs that come in single or double handle designs and in a range of materials to choose from. Today’s post is dedicated to designer faucets that can give high quality and guaranty for longevity of use. You may also see Sink Designs

Bathroom Faucet Designs

The variety of designs for bathroom faucets is great. You can find the right design for your bathroom or the powder room depending on the style and the spout design. The materials range from brass to nickel with various finishes.

Bathroom Sink Faucet Design

bathroom sink faucet design

Kitchen Faucet Designs

Washing dishes can be fun with a high-quality faucet design in any style. You can choose between a single and double handle design as well as a sprayer that can be pulled out for easy and faster rinsing. You may also see Kitchen Faucet Designs

Contemporary Kitchen Faucet Design

contemporary kitchen faucet design

Nathan Cuttle Design

Shower Faucets

From polished chrome to oil brushed bronze you can find a great range of materials that will give an instant upgrade in your shower. Choose a faucet design that complements the bathroom’s style bringing a posh design to add personality.

Wall Mount Shower Faucet Design

wall mount shower faucet design

Wall Mount Faucets

Wall mounted faucets come in single or double handle designs in a variety of materials and styles. These designs are suitable for both the bathroom and the kitchen as well as for outdoor spaces like a bar or outdoor kitchen.

Wall Mount Kitchen Faucet Design

wall mount kitchen faucet design

Sink Faucets

For a rustic or vintage style, you can choose a bronze or a brass sink faucet design, while for modern style sinks you can go with nickel or stainless steel. Choose according to the sink’s and the room’s style.

Pull Out Sink Faucet

pull out sink faucet

Modern Faucet Designs

Modern style faucets have a minimalist design that is suitable for bathrooms and kitchens. You can find a huge variety of designs that range from a single hole with waterfall spouts to widespread designs with two handles.

Contemporary Modern Faucet Design

contemporary modern faucet design

Outdoor Faucet Designs

From outdoor kitchens to outdoor showers you can find a great range of faucets that will help you style your space. You have to consider whether the faucet is going to have cover from weather conditions before you decide.

Outdoor Patio Faucet Design

outdoor patio faucet design

Laundry Faucets

You can choose between a widespread and a single-hole faucet design that will add style in this room. A pullout spray will help you for easier rinsing while it will make a stylish statement if you choose a bronze material.

Laundry Sink Faucet Design

laundry sink faucet design

Vintage Faucets

Vintage faucets are available with cross or lever handles with chrome, brass, and bronze to choose for your kitchen or your bathroom. Great examples of a vintage style are the bridge faucets that have a more elegant style.

Rustic Vintage Faucet Design

rustic vintage faucet design

Farmhouse Faucet Designs

A sink in farmhouse design needs the appropriate faucet in order to get an excellent look. Choose a bridge design with ceramic lever handles for a scrumptious look or you can go for a stainless steel one with pull down spray. You may also see Farmhouse Sink Designs

Farmhouse Kitchen Faucet Design

farmhouse kitchen faucet design

Design by Tolaris Homes

Industrial Faucets

For industrial style, you can play with the various materials. Nickel, chrome, and brass are the main materials that feature the most in faucet designs. Choose a brushed or satin finish for an elegant tone or polished for pure industrial.

Industrial Single Hole Faucet Design

industrial single hole faucet design

Contemporary Faucets

Choose a practical design with minimalist style in order to achieve a contemporary design for your kitchen or your bathroom. These come in polished and brushed finishes that allow you to choose the right one according to the room’s style.

Contemporary Bathroom Tub Faucet

contemporary bathroom tub faucet

Photo by Twist Tours

Faucets play an important role in the way the kitchen or the bathroom look. They complete the space in a practical way by adding personality.

Step out of the ordinary with designer faucets. Give your space a makeover with the right faucet design. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much it will help the space look neat and stylish. In any case, we hope that we managed to help you make the best choice.

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