In the world where we see a plethora of design concepts and inventions release every day, it becomes very difficult to fix our gaze on one of them. We look for design, aesthetics, idea, conceptualization but the most sought after feature in any invention is the utility. The invention should have the ability to fit in perfectly in people’s life and become inseparable. Here is a list of few most innovative concept designs by designers from all the world.

Cracked log Lamps

cracked log lamp made from salvaged logs 01

One of the most popular pieces designer by Duncan Meerding is the natural looking cracked log that emits soft light from within. These logs can also be used as table or as objects to sit on. They are perfect for evening occasions and can provide a pleasing vibe to any space and make one feel more connected to nature.
Duncan Meerding is a Tasmanian based furniture designer who is also legally blind. He is often known to use light in his creations and that helps him communicate how he sees the world.

Epiphany One Puck

one puck charge

Epiphany One Puck might look like a simple coaster but it is much more than that from the technology point of view. It transforms heat energy from your beverage into electric energy which in turn can be used to charge your smartphone. It comes with two sides that carry different colors. The one in red color has to be used for hot beverages and the other in blue, should be used for cold beverages like soft drinks. The device uses a small Sterling engine that runs on the concept of heat disparity. As you place your drink on either side of the coaster the Stirling engine would generate electricity as the drink heats up cools down.
This is a very interesting concept with great utility point attached to it, if taken on bigger level can be used in energy conservation.

Bookmark Lamp

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A perfect concept design that is perfect for all bibliophiles. With this bookmark lamp you don’t have to close down your book, not even during the night when you are often forced to switch off the lights. During daytime you can use this as a simple bookmark but during the night you can use it as a lamp that helps you read in the dark and nobody else gets disturbed.

Sparkle Palace Cocktail Table

sparkle palace cocktail table john foster thumb640

This magnificent table was created by American designer John Foster. This table has the ability to awestruck anyone instantly. The table was conceived as a fusion of glass and light reflection. It consists of glass that has been elegantly cut and the moment light comes contact with the glass, it gets divided into hundreds of reflection giving a rainbow like illusion.

Concept Faucet


The best inventions are those that come in a complete package of beautiful design and effectiveness in usage. And this is exactly what Simin Qiu created with this faucet. The young designer from London created an elegant faucet that not just makes water flow look like art but also saves up to 15% of water and energy. This is a truly resourceful invention .

Balloon Shaped Lamps

cool space themed kids room with baloon light

Here is something for children too. These lamps come in the shape of balloons and can make your children’s room look beautiful and the kids too would love these fascinating lamps. These lamps are attached to the ceiling and have a string provided with them to switch on and switch off the lights.

Removable Heels

removable heel

The ladies can’t be thankful enough for this concept. Finally, style and comfort were brought together by Canadian Designer Tanya Heath. These heels come in various colors and styles so that you never run out of options to mix and match with your footwear.

Herb Scissors

snipwcover 1024x5451

Now you can cut those bunch of herbs in no time with this efficient herb scissors.

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