Flower nail designs are a somewhat late entrant to the global fashion scene and are indulged mostly by youngsters with a penchant for something different. Pink, being a favorite color of most women, pink nail designs continue to be popular but with variations that are both eye and attention grabbing. Both seasonal and tropical flowers are preferred because of their rich colors and intricate shapes and because of the design variations that can be worked out on them.

Flower Toe Nail Design

Flower Toe Nail Design Source

A mosaic like flower pattern in black and white on the great toenail combines with navy blue to give your feet a perfectly offbeat look. Wear open sandals so that the artwork is exposed and watch the magic work! Quite a trendsetter.

3D Flower Nail Design

3D Flower Nail Design Source

Make a statement with every finger nail. Use light pink for the index, middle and little fingers and turquoise blue for the ring fingernail and decorate them with white daisies, crystals and tiny beads. The effect is bound to be breathtaking!

Pink Flower Nail Design

Pink Flower Nail Design Source

Fuscia pink, the perennial favorite among nail polish users has been used here and contrasts with scattered pink flower petals and leaves on the middle and ring fingernails. Marks a notable difference from traditionally used pink nail polish for all fingernails.

Hawaiian Flower Nail Design

Hawaiian Flower Nail Design Source

Here, the Hawaiian red hibiscus with a touch of green on the ring fingernail breaks the monotony of plain fuschia pink applied on the other fingernails. The hibiscus details also come through sharply.

Flower Acrylic Nail Design

Flower Acrylic Nail Design Source

A pair of traditional blood red roses with a hint of blue in acrylic paint on the ring finger nail contrasts sharply with the dull pink of the other fingernails. It surely adds to the overall aesthetics of the manicure and makes it all the more attractive.

Tropical Flower Nail Art Design

Tropical Flower Nail Art Design Source

Tropical flowers bloom on all fingernails, resplendent in shades of pink and a touch of aquamarine on the nail edges. This is surely different from traditional nail art and shows innovation on the designers part.

Flower Gel Nail Design

Flower Gel Nail Design Source

A separate color for every fingernail. Bright pink for the thumb, index and little fingers, white for the middle finger and a pink and blue flower pattern for the ring finger on a black background. Innovative, different and snazzy!

Flower Nail Design for Short Nails

Flower Nail Design for Short Nails Source

Short fingernails get a boost with a combination of cream, black polka dots on white and white stars on a black background that add to the visual attraction of your hands.

White Flower Nail Design

White Flower Nail Design Source

Yellow and white daisies on a black background complete the perfectly floral look and add to the overall feminine appeal. In addition, the white spots appear to resemble a starlit dark sky and gives it a surreal look. You may also see Rainbow Nail Art Designs

Lily Flower Nail Design

Lily Flower Nail Design Source

The lily is the center point of attraction here and the whole design is based on variations of blue, aquamarine and turquoise. The turquoise and light blue lilies on the middle and ring fingers are in tasteful contrast with the aquamarine on the other fingernails.

Flower Striped Nail Art

Flower Striped Nail Art Source

Classy Flower Nail Design

Classy Flower Nail Design Source

Cute Flower Nail Art Idea

Cute Flower Nail Art Idea Source

Blue and White Flower Nails

Blue and White Flower Nails Source

Simple Flower Nail Design Idea

Simple Flower Nail Design Idea Source

Flower Shellac Nails Idea

Flower Shellac Nails Idea Source

Rose Flower Nail Design

Rose Flower Nail Design Source

Blue and Black Flower Nail Art

Blue and Black Flower Nail Art Source

Awesome Flower Nail Art

Awesome Flower Nail Art Source

Unique Flower Nail Design

Unique Flower Nail Design Source

Flower Glitter Nails Design

Flower Glitter Nails Design Source

Fingernail art is an exercise in innovation and creativity. Be it red nail designs or artworks in any other color, the concept is ever growing and seems to be endless. With fashion trends changing almost daily, one can, of course, expect more and more innovative designs to hit the market and catch public fancy.

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