The chaise lounge chairs carry a contemporary vibe and even with the changing times, a lounge chair is one piece of furniture that suits well with all styles and decors. Adorned with exceptional looks and remarkable comfort, a lounge chair is the perfect embodiment of a part chair and part couch. We have today compiled a list of 10 beautiful and relaxing chaise lounge chairs that will serve you with the best inspiration for your home.

1. Hawaiian Style Chair Design

hawaiian style

hawaiian style chair design

The floor plan of the home extends to the outdoors with these beautiful Sutherland lounge chairs that duly complement the side tables and the subtle green upholstered outdoor fabric. The concrete flooring acts as an impressive contrast to the wooden feel of the chairs.

2. Coastal Style Chair Design

coastal style chair design

This lightweight coastal style chair complements the wooden flooring and the surrounding railings. The open frame setup of the lounge prevents the color of the chair to get too overwhelming and overbearing for the eye.

3. Beanbag Style Lounge Chair Design

beanbag style lounge chair design

beanbag style lounge chair design

This bean bag style lounge chair does not just accentuate the level of comfort, but the colour grey complements the surrounding and the plank style flooring. Bean bag with its very nature is known to adjust accordingly to every body type, making it a perfect design for lounging.

4. Contemporary Lounge Chair

contemporary lounge chair

If you are an reader and consider your small or big library as one of the most prized possessions, having a comfortable lounge chair is a perfect way to define the space comprising of tall book shelves. A chaise chair would not just offer a good contrast but will also make up for a perfect spot to catch on your latest read.

5. Minimally Designed Lounge Chair

minimally designed lounge chair

minimally designed lounge chair

If you are not looking for something widespread or dramatic, this minimally designed lounge chair in white is a classic way to add a subtle feature to your home. The colour will complement well with all styles and decor and will also give an elegant touch to your space.

6. Vibrant Style Lounge Chair

vibrant style lounge chair

The lounge chair in a bright hue adds a bit of warmth and colour to space without being too bold and off-putting. This subtle orange or blue chaise here will duly complement eclectic as well as modern interiors.

7. Neon Colored Chaise Lounge

neon coloured chaise lounge

neon coloured chaise lounge

This neon colored chaise lounge chair matches well with the soft and neutral interiors of the space. The quilted upholstered style in neon green helps in adding a punch of missing flavor to space.

8. Couch Style Chaise Lounge

couch style chaise lounge

couch style chaise lounge

If you are looking to maximize the view and presence of your space, try adding a wide and comfortable chaise close to a window. This plan will help you sit comfortably, read and enjoy the conversation in natural light.

9. Recline Chair Lounge

recline chair lounge

recline chair lounge

The eye-catching look of the yellow fireplace is duly matched with a recline fur cushioned chaise that softens the bright-hued fireplace in this eclectic style bedroom. The rustic backdrop further extends the look of the chair.

10. Wicker Style Chaise

wicker style chaise

wicker style chaise

The large window panes, the simple and minimal open plan of the home is beautifully supported with an earthy style wicker chair that provides a perfect sport for contemporary and comfortable lounging.

Comfort and style can go hand in hand, and a chaise lounge chair is a perfect way to prove that.

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