Every house has at least one chair. However the chair designs available on the market are countless. From formal to informal and depending on their use, chairs have a versatile use that can give you everything you need, even relaxation. That’s the case with lounge chairs. These designs have a unique style that makes them special and a favorite piece for many homeowners. Following, we have put together a collection of all lounge chair designs. You my also See Chaise Lounge Chair Designs

Outdoor Lounge Chair Designs

outdoor lounge chair designs

Peter McDonald Architect

Outdoor lounge chairs come in many forms and shapes. The variety of materials is huge ranging from wood to metal and from whicker to plastic with weather resistant qualities that will allow you to enjoy your lounge chair for years.

Pool Lounge Chairs

pool lounge chairs

Teragon Developments & Construction Inc.

Depending on the style you aim for, you can find the appropriate lounge chair for your pool area. The available designs range from contemporary to eclectic while you can always style them with cushions to add a pop of color or pattern.

Folding Lounge Chairs

folding lounge chairs

Ritchie Construction Ltd

Folding chairs have a lighter construction making them easy to carry and store for the times they are not used. You can choose elegant designs in metallic or wooden frames that can match the rest of the space beautifully adding style.Modern Lounge Chair Designs

Modern Lounge Chair Designs

modern lounge chair designs

Griffin Enright Architects

Consider minimalist designs with elegant lines and curves that will bring a fresh style in your modern space. These lounge chairs are suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces while you can use them as statement pieces for extra modern style.

Kid’s Lounge Chairs

kids lounge chairs

Chris Snook

Kids love colors and creative designs. You can combine these two qualities in order to get the most impressive kid’s lounge chairs. You can have them in matching style with the rest of the room or in an elaborate design.

Round Lounge Chairs

round lounge chairs

David De La Garza / ZURDODGS

Make the difference and choose a round lounge chair. With this unique shape you can add a soft tone in the room while you can also find variations depending on the style, the material and the design of each chair.

Bedroom Lounge Chairs

bedroom lounge chairs

TruexCullins Architecture + Interior Design

In large bedroom’s the space can look enormous and empty. So adding a designer lounge chair will help you create a relaxing nook where you can spend time reading your favorite book or even taking a nap.

Living Room Lounge Chairs

living room lounge chairs

Milc Property Stylists

If you want to personalize your living room then add a lounge chair. Their stylish design will look incredible. You can find them in matching design with the sofa to give an even look that will complete your living room.

Wooden Lounge Chair Designs

wooden lounge chair designs

Frank de Biasi Interiors

Wood can be incorporated in every style. The designs have a natural look ranging from traditional to eccentric while the style can be adjusted with the right accessories. Wood is also a great material for a rustic lounge chair design.

Contemporary Lounge Chairs

contemporary lounge chairs

Randy Thueme Design Inc. - Landscape Architecture

If your space is styled with contemporary designs then you should follow with a same lounge chair design. These chairs have a unique look that flirts with artistic qualities, while it adds a stylish design to relax on.

Small Lounge Chairs

small lounge chairs

Cynthia Lynn Photography

In case your space is small then you can choose a small lounge chair design. Make the most of this using them in pairs in order to add a matching design in your space, no matter what style they follow. You may also See Patio Chair Designs

Office Lounge Chairs

office lounge chairss

Hochuli Design & Remodeling Team

Bring a relaxing tone in your office while maintaining the sophisticated design. Office furniture includes lounge chair designs that can make brainstorming easier. Available in many styles and color combinations while the material can follow the lines of your office.

Vintage Lounge Chairs

vintage lounge chairs

Amy Lau Design

Lounge chairs with antique quality have a strong vintage design that makes them perfect for every house. You can find them in stylish design with upholstered cushions that will make your space look elegant and inviting with a classic ambience.

Corner Lounge Chairs

corner lounge chairs

Martha O'Hara Interiors

Corner lounge chairs can help you take advantage of an empty corner. You can find them in every style and material while you can create a comfortable reading nook by placing a floor lamp right next to the chair.

Chaise Lounge Chairs

chaise lounge chairs

Lisa Bakamis Interior Design

With a chaise lounge chair you can have the most comfortable nook furniture that will style your space with no effort from your part. You can style them with pillows and soft blankets that will warm up the space adding character. You may also See Outdoor Chair Designs

You can bring some style while you relax after a tiring day at work with a lounge chair. There are designs that can be used in various spaces indoors or outdoors like the beach chairs. Many designs come with additional features like foot rests or reclining mechanisms for maximum comfort.

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