Anyone who works a 9 to 5 job will know the discomfort of sitting throughout the day in one spot on one chair. Well, not to complain as it was your choice and of course the demand of the job. However, the continuous sitting by no means should end up hurting your back or the posture. Therefore, opting for a comprehensive office chair will not just give you back support and the spin fun but will also add on to the aesthetic and decor of any office. Look below for the 9 best office chair designs that will definitely bring a lot more ‘comfort’ to your job.

1. Generation Chair by Knoll

generation chair by knoll

Generation chair is a flexible and comfortable contribution to the ergonomic seating market. The chair carries a limber back material with the springy shoulder to offer the sitter a relaxed experience. With a range of colours from neutral to bright, the chair comes with a soft front seat edge to support you in any position.

2. Herman Miller Sayl Chair

herman miller sayl chair

Sayl is definitely one of the most beautiful chairs by Herman Miller. The chair may not be the best one for the full-time and continuous support but it certainly offers the most satisfactory experience for the conference room, informal settings and limited-use home offices. Beautifully designed, the chair will surely turn around the look of your office.

3. Eames Aluminum Management Chair

eames aluminum management chair

A classic and evergreen design, this management chair includes a leather seat and aluminium frame. Minimally fashioned and intricately detailed, the chair offers the maximum comfort while also keeping the effortless style intact.

4. Halifax Upholstered Office Chair

halifax upholstered office chair

The Halifax office upholstered chair is one chair that will wrap you in its arms. With brush linen weave, this mid-century inspired chair is the best fit if you are looking to bring a cosy and classic ambience to your workplace. The chair can be adjusted in its height and tilt tension.

5. Supersoft Chair


This complete upholstered chair carries a smart and uniform look with a compact scale that makes it perfect for the home office as well as the conference room. The chair with its versatile design allows multipurpose use.

6. Freedom Task Chair

freedom task chair

Created by renowned designer Neils Diffrient, the Freedom Headset Task Chair is comfortable, functional and beautiful. The chair comes with a unique self-adjusting system that uses sitter’s body weight to offer customised reclined support for each individual.

7. ItalModern Bungie office chair

italmodern bungie office chair

The ItalModern Bungie chair comes with a unique take on the traditional office chair with an affordable price. The chair is fashioned with bungie cords which are attached to the steel frame. The bungie cords provide the support and flexibility, and the chair is particularly best for someone who is not inclined towards sitting on a stiff chair.

8. Steelcase Amia Chair

steelcase amia chair

The Steelcase Amia chair is designed for offering maximum comfort in long sitting hours. The easy adjustment and great support make the chair one of the most preferred designs for the office. The Amia chair is good value, comfortable and provides solid support.

9. Pam Desk Chair by Archirivolto

pam desk chair by archirivolto

This slim chair by Archirivolto is the perfect fit for tight spaces. The customised leather upholstery adds a decorative value to the tight and compact design of the chair.

As you spend major hours of your day at the workplace, there is nothing wrong in sitting pretty at ease with a comfortable and stylish chair.

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