Chair Designs and Ideas

There wouldn’t be more perfect furniture than a chair if you are interested in the history of décor. Chairs could be the best way to illustrate different historical periods and the evolution of interiors, décor materials, technical progress and the taste of our society as a whole. From the coffers of the 1100’s to the bean bags of today, this development took cue from the changing lifestyle and the comfort demands of people. The primitive opulence of kings wouldn’t work today but we do have some very revolutionary materials and designs to meet the present needs. Read More

Let’s look at the various aspects of chair designing, as it shifted through time.

From plain seats to ergonomics

Chairs in the pre 12 century were primarily benches and stools with three legs. The designs were primitive, purely functional but crudely made and unpolished. Between the 12 and 15 century, we moved on to adding seats and four legs provided extra balance. Moving towards the Renaissance era, chairs became more polished decorative and highly comfortable. Looks now became an important element in chair design and kings became the patron of art. It was also during this period that furniture design was promoted to the level of art and chairs integrated rich ornamentation, fabrics, exotic woods and other materials, veneers and even lined with gold, silver, diamonds and other precious metals and gems.

The realization of mobility

During the era of the kings and nobility, chairs were highly austere and rich design and exotic materials made them heavy, although comfortable and decorative. Men gradually realized that seating wasn’t the only aspect of comfort but it is also necessary where you put yourself in. To be able to move and place your chair anywhere, it required drastic design changes and newer (lighter) materials were introduced. Inventive modern materials like plastic, chrome and molded plywood held on to the aesthetics and also allowed high mobility.

Customized for functionality

Chairs designs gradually looked into the precise use they were meant to be put to. Chairs to be put up in bars and restaurants needed to be different than the ones we would sit on in our homes. Office chairs needed to look more sophisticated than the ones we would carry to the beach on a vacation. Looking into both the functional aspect and the desire for form, manufacturers from across the globe came up with new ideas that were completely new to this world. Suddenly, we have a specific chair design for every specific purpose.

Chairs form an important part of every household and commercial complex. With several brands and manufacturers working on designs, we have an overwhelming lot of choices today. Whether you are looking to furnish your home or office space, there would be something that suits your material requirement, ergonomics and budgets. Internet is certainly the best place to research for all kinds of design available in both the local market and abroad. Overall, you are never short of options!