If the look of the walls in your home is a little too flat and plain then the safest and hassle-free way to jazz up the place is by adding wall decals. With a huge variety of colours, patterns and designs available, the decals can act as the new decorative accessory for your home. Give a break to the painting with these 10 modish wall decals that are as easy to apply as remove.

1. Triangle Decal Set

triangle decal set

If you are living in a rented apartment with an interfering landlord, this cheerful triangle set decal is the best way to transform your regular white wall into an accent feature in the home. Design and arrange the pieces of the triangle as per your own preference for a unique and individual look.

2. Lantern Decal

lantern decal

This colourful lantern decal is the best way to give a punch of colour to the neutral space. Easy to apply, the colourful lanterns can transform the space and make it emergency party ready within minutes.

3. Coloured Branches Decal

coloured branches decal

These multi branches wall decal in five muted shades is the perfect piece to paste behind your couch. With soft and complimenting colours, the branches can be arranged in multiple ways for a unique and appealing appearance.

4. Manhattan Skyline

manhattan skyline

If you are a hardcore New Yorker, this Manhattan skyline is the best decal to add above your bed in the bedroom. With neat and intricate edges, the decal in the standard black colour can be easily coordinated with any style of decor.

5. Decorative Lace

decorative lace

Soft and detailed, the paisley pattern lace design can be the best option to border your room. Available in large and small sizes, the decal can help to bring a touch of elegance to any room in your home.

6. Inspired Sayings Decal

inspired sayings decal

Simple and classic in its appeal, this quote inspired decal is the best pick to always keep you motivated and enthusiastic and, also give a touch of style to the daily inspiration. Select your quote and the colour to transform your space effortlessly.

7. Dandelion Decal

dandelion decal

This dandelion decal is the best way to create a dreamy and romantic effect in your home. Soft and decorative in appeal, the sticker is available in multiple shapes and designs.

8. Watercolor Decal

watercolor decal

You don’t need strong painting skills to add watercolour magic to your space. The water colour inspired decal in subtle colours and authentic style can bring that artistic transformation with ease.

9. Coat Stand Decal

coat stand decal

If you are looking for a decal that reflects fun and style, this coat hanger decal with wall hooks and handle is the perfect piece to paste in your home for an instant glamorous effect.

Choose your favourite design and create an effortless and classy adorned look to your space.

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