The growth of your business inherently implies that our team is also growing, and you have to provide them with comfortable and aesthetic office furniture which will improve their productivity. Whether you have a modular office, or one with a permanent design, you need furniture that makes the office look good and enhances the working atmosphere for your employees. Whatever situation you are in, you will need to rethink just what type of furniture you need, and here is a look at some of the top office furniture design concepts for the year.

The Reception – First Impressions Last Long

Skype Reception Office

skype reception office

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livefye Reception Desk

livefye reception desk

Twitter Reception office

twitter reception office

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Rocket Fuel Office Reception Desk

rocket fuel office reception desk

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Waiting Area Near Reception Desk

waiting area near reception desk

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Clarity Consulting office Reception Desk

clarity consulting office reception desk

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Abril Grupo Office Reception Desk

abril grupo office reception desk

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Office Reception Desk Design

office reception desk design

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Office Reception Desk Wood Design

office reception desk wood design

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Reception Area Design

reception area design

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Uber Office Reception Design

uber office reception

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Today, companies are paying more attention to how their reception is furnished. Apart from the furniture used by the receptionist, you also have to think about that which will bemused by people visiting your office. The reception is the first thing that new visitors come across and it says a lot about your company. You should have a company logo, well emblazoned on the desk, which should be very impressive. You need traction counters, ergonomic chairs and keyboards, privacy panels, and lockable drawers. The desk can be open or have some form of partial partition; you want your clients to feel welcome and not segregated. The colors of the desk have to give a coordinated aesthetic feel to the reception, which gives a great first impression to all your visitors.

The Interior Office – productivity should be enhanced
Traditional sitting workstations

Media Agency WorkStation Design

media agency workstation design

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Panic Office WorkStation Design

panic office workstation design

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Wooden Work Space Design

wooden work space design

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Creative WorkSpace Design to Focus

creative workspace design to focus

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Abeo Office Work Station Design

abeo office work station design

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White WorkStation Design

white workstation design

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Ideal Office Work Space Design

ideal office work space design

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Warm Office Interior and Work Station Design

warm office interior and work station design

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Office Furniture Design with WorkStation

office furniture design with workstation

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It is the norm to have office staff seated at their desks and this is why you need a traditional setup of workstation and chair. However, the design of the workstation should improve the productivity of your workers. Whether you are a large team, or a small outfit, you need to make sure that you furnish the office in a way that is beneficial to the operation of the business. Ensure that the chairs are comfortable to avoid exhaustion; this will improve productivity. The furniture should not be bulky, since this takes up more space and makes the office look cluttered. Research has shown that an office space should be open to enhance productivity and you need to ensure that your furniture embraces this trend.

Sphere Standing Desk Design

sphere standing desk design

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Standing WorkStation Design

standing workstation design

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Cycling WorkSpace Design

cycling workspace design

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Small Space Standing Desk Design

small space standing desk design

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Standing Work Space Desk

standing work space desk

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Dual Monitor Sit Stand Work Space Design

dual monitor sit stand work space design

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Research has shown that sitting for too long is not healthy for anybody. If you want your team to add some variation to their working positions, you can incorporate the use of standing workstations. These are adjustable workstations which allow the worker to push back the chair, elevate the desk and continue working from a standing position. Scientists have proven a link between immobility and obesity, diabetes and a host of other illnesses. To make sure that your staff is healthy and they do the best that they possibly can, you should provide these desks. The desks also come with adjustable chairs, which can be raised to the height that you find in barstools. This allows the worker to sit even while stretching the legs. Alternatively, the worker can push back the chair and work from an unsupported standing position.

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