When you think of a corporate meeting, the first thing that sparks into your mind is the conference desk design in the hall. The setting of the hall depends on how flawlessly you can arrange the tables and chairs. Different companies display a sheer variation of profiles, and the best way to achieve the professional ambiance is to get in touch with the ideal corporate room tables and chairs. Here we bring you ten corporate table designs which you can incorporate to perfection.

Small Conference Table

small conference table


This is a small and concise setting that you may like to install in your office conference hall. The seamless, white table has a smart look, with six chairs, three on each horizontal side. The wheeled chairs are black in color, with blue cushions. The set goes well with rooms with white walls and frames. Glass windows add an edge to the look of the room.

Conference Table and Chairs

conference table and chairs


When you look out for a modern conference table, this is the ideal option that you can avail. The white glossy table has a shiny finish and the chairs are modified into broad and comfortable furniture. These are also white, with steel borders around them.

Large Conference Room Tables

large conference room tables


These are meant for large conference halls, where there is enough space to cope up with long tables, brown in color. This is elegantly complemented by black, wheeled chairs that are lined up on the horizontal sides of the tables. The table comes with a white supporting stand and looks conspicuous with spacious rooms.

Glass Conference Table

glass conference table

Design by : Spector Group

The crystal-clear glass delivers a smart look to the conference hall. The table is mounted on a white stand, oval in shape. These are complemented with formal looking chairs, blue in colour. It goes well with spacious rooms with white walls.  You can also see Office Workspace Designs

Round Conference Tables

round conference tables


You can bump up the looks of the conference hall with a round conference table. With steel support at the bottom and smooth, white top, it is a perfect match for any corporate profile. Blue matching chairs around the table completes the look.

Wooden Conference Table

wooden conference table


These are tailored for the most modern conference halls and are well matched with well-designed patterns on the walls, colorful in attire. The table also needs matching floors in the room to shimmer in grandeur, and there are six white chairs around it. The smooth wooden finish is a seamless beauty in the hall. You can also see Work Space Meeting Room Designs

U Shaped Conference Table

u shaped conference table


This is the best black conference table that you can purchase for the hall. There are chairs on the vertical sides of the table. It is a large table, with as many as ten sitting arrangement on each side. At one end of the rectangular table, there is a single chair for the senior faculty.

Executive Conference Tables

executive conference tables

Design by HASSELL

This table goes well with fashionable conference halls with a royal element in it. The table is rectangular, but not very spacious. This is ideal for small to medium sized meetings within the company.

Rectangular Conference Table

rectangular conference table

Design by : Contract Workplaces

If you look out for a small sized conference table with elegance, choose this table with a marble finish top and add a couple of flower vases. There are equally grand chairs around it. Keep the walls as elegant as possible.

Circular Conference Table

circular conference table


This is one of the top grade modular conference room tables and an asset for the elites, and when you wish for a design that can create an image about the class of your company, opt for the circular table. With perfectly burnished top and white-based chairs, this table is made for the high-end corporates.

Tiny Conference Table

tinny conference table


White Unique Conference Table

white unique conference table


C Shaped Conference Table

c shaped conference table

Design by Amicus Interiors

Square Small Conference Table

square small conference table

Design by RTKL

Unique Style of Small Conference Table

unique style of small conference table


Modern Conference Table

modern conference table


After all, the tables in the room need to be complemented with matching conference room chairs, and this will deliver a complete look to the hall. The professional atmosphere depends on how smartly you are able to incorporate the recommended settings in the conference hall. Hope you will find the settings useful when you choose the furniture for your office. You may have other ideas in this respect, and you are free to let us know.

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