The glass, without a doubt, is one of the most widely used infrastructure items in the home. Whether it is in the form of windows, doors or walls, glass lends a clean and sophisticated look to the home. Glass doors act as appropriate dividers for rooms where one is not aiming for privacy. With a wide range of designs, we have today compiled a list of 10 glass door designs that are not just going to help you bring an elegant touch to the room but will also make space look bigger and brighter.

Interior Glass Doors – Obscure Frosted Glass

interior glass doors obscure frosted glass

One of the eclectic designs to have in your home, this frosted glass door design will come out great on two matching doors opening to preferably a kitchen space. The door is a subtle yet eclectic choice to have in your interiors.

Framed Glass Door

framed glass doors

Elegant and textured, the panel framed glass door brings a sophisticated and edgy addition to your space. The design would suit well with modern as well as traditional interiors.

Trendy Glass Door

trendy glass door

One of the other trendy options to include in your home, this frosted glass door comes with a tinge of blue, helping you add a hint of color to the minimalistic lined design.

Palm Sunset Glass Door



Brighten the look of your space with a beautiful interior glass door featuring frosted glass with a themed springy design. The door is definitely a sure short way to experiment with a unique and appealing pattern.

Sliding Glass Door

sliding glass door1

sliding glass

Of the most suitable options for your patio entrance is a sliding glass door. The door consists of three or more panels that slide past each other. One of the best advantages of having a telescoping door is you get a wide opening between the indoors and outdoors.

Contemporary Style Glass Door

contemporary style glass door1

contemporary style glass door

With heavy black steel doors, the design is softened with a complementary placement of glass. The doors help to break the monotony of the space while bringing a sense of character and personality. The door is also a great pick for an open plan design.

Frosted Glass Door

frosted glass door

This beautiful frosted design is one of the best fit options to choose for your home particularly your bathroom doors. Keeping a touch of minimal elegance, the design is appealing and simple.

Antique Style Glass Door

antique style glass door

You can customize the plain look of your glass door by coordinating the style with interesting patterns and motifs. The wooden frame helps to draw a unique characteristic that is equally charming and timeless.

Sliding Patterned Glass Door

sliding patterned glass door1

This sliding patterned glass panel is accentuated with a fresh and freehand pattern drawn with a pen which is later digitized and transferred to a film for the glass. The pattern is thickest at the bottom and it lightens as we proceed up.

Residential Glass Door Interior

residential glass door interior1

If you have an industrial style decor, you would already know that aluminium, glass and steel are few of the most popular choices for the material. The framed glass door adds a thrust of style and essence to the living room of the house. Whether you go for raw, clear, anodized, galvanized or painted finish, the look will come out equally good in all.

Choose the style and design that best ‘frames’ your space with effortless ease.

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