Irrespective of the size and the area of the home or apartment, a beautiful dwelling space is the dream of every homeowner. If you call yourself a design lover, who appreciates the intricate patterns as much as the delicate embroideries and plush materials, we have today compiled a list of 10 female interior designers who have inspired and created some of the most iconic and memorable designs in the world of interiors.

1. Dorothy Draper

dorothy draper

Dorothy draper is famous for giving a modern twist to the contemporary designs with the use of unconventional color combinations, florals, stripes and, the famous mantra- if it looks right, it is right. With a touch of sassy and daring, her style infuses glamor with poise and grace.

2. Francis Elkins

francis elkins

Her interest in interior designing was coerced by her brother David Adler – who was an architect by profession. Her style reflects a mix of colors that provide both contrast and unity within a room. Elkins works on using a lot of patterns, stripes, and checkerboards in her flooring and drapes.

3. Petra Blaisse

petra blaisse

Petra Blaisse’s designs reflect an amalgamation of nature, culture, sophistication and functionality. She started her career as a freelance designer for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Although her focus was more on the architectural installations in the museum her interest later shifted to landscape design in addition to textiles and interiors. Blaisse has been described as a textile architect and one of Europe’s most accomplished all-around designers.

4. Clodagh


Irish-born, New York-based designer Clodagh believes in the use of harmony and simple materials to induce calm and subtlety in the space. Clodagh uses Feng Shui principles and sustainable materials in her timeless and contemporary designs.

5. Laura Day

laura day1

Laura Day’s design reflects elegance with a personalized touch that ensures the design is satisfactory to the needs of the client and also brings in the balance with functionality and beauty. Her masterpieces are based on the classic principles of playing with color, light, and furnishing.

6. Kelly Hopen

kelly hopen

Dragon’s Den judge, author, MBE and interior designer, Hopen is clearly a jack of all trades. Her interior design flair is all about the classic looks that are not going to fade anytime soon. Including colors like gray, black, taupe, the designs reflect a fresh and sophisticated quality that is unique to her style. She has also designed the homes of Hollywood A-listers including Victoria and David Beckham.

7. Abigail Ahern

abigail ahern

One of the favorite designers among the top celebrities, Abigail Ahern is one designer to be known for her dark and moody interiors. With a touch of midnight blue walls, over whites and creams, her style holds a bit of wintery quality that would also work well for all the other seasons.

8. Jo Berryman

jo berryman

The design is a continuously evolving process and Berryman’s pieces and style reflects just the same. Her interior design focuses on highlighting the accessories rather than just the statement pieces like the carpet and the wall color. Her interior style talks about including the personalized pieces that are unique to your home.

9. Kit Kemp

kit kemp

Mixing patterns with colors, Kemp has made a name for herself with her unique interior creations. Her new book, ‘Every Room Tells A Story’ is one of the best reads if you are looking for genuine home inspiration.

10. Kelly Wearstler

kelly wearstler

Gaining quick reputation with her style, Wearstler is known for luxurious and bold fashion. Her input reflects both the aesthetic as well as the glamorous quality in the homes.

Take inspiration from the work of the above-mentioned designers and come back to the home you always wished and wanted.

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