If you love design, to be more specific, the design that goes behind the making of beautiful pieces of architecture across the globe, this post is definitely for you. Putting together the love for Instagram and constructive design, we have today compiled a list of 10 must-follow Instagram accounts for all the architecture admirers out there.

1. Design Milk

design milk

One of the very popular blogs in the design arena, Design Milk has a very impressive Instagram account that caters to exhibiting the excellent design from around the world. Bringing forward fresh and new design treatments, it is definitely one Instagram account to follow for daily inspiration.

2. Studio Esinam

studio esinam

The studio Esinam is a Swedish Creative studio whose Instagram feed is filled with whitewashed images of architecture and design that is too dreamy to ignore.

3. Socialist Modernism

socialist modernism

Anyone who is passionate about historical period would love this Instagram feed. The objective of the project is to create an interactive map that would display the exquisite and valuable examples of Socialist Modernist architecture of the 1955-1991. The feed covers everything from buildings neighborhoods to parks and recreation areas in its updates.

4. Nukeproofsuit


Reflecting the beauty in heights and details in corners and edges, nukeproofsuits captures the massive beauty of the buildings that will figuratively bring you to an edge.

5. Frederik Liisberg

frederik liisberg

Frederik Liisberg from Denmark provides a mixture of interesting architectural shots from his hometown Copenhagen and abroad. Captured with precision, the scenes seized express the beauty in ordinary.

6. Institute_Architects_Aus


Institute_architects_aus Australia is an informative feed with a brilliant access to images. The unique and elaborate feed make the peak body for architects in Australia, a must-follow Instagram account.

7. Arch_Vortex


Arch_vortex is an Instagram account entirely dedicated to architecture and interior design. The account is moderated by architecture student Miruna Grec.

8. Archifound


Dedicated to bringing forward the best architecture and interior design from the world, Archifound captures the essence of the architecture right from basic to extensively detailed.

9. CGKeech


Instagram account of an architect based in Chicago, CGKeech aesthetically captures beautifully lit architecture to make you consider to move to a windy city.

10. Le_Blanc


With a passion for concrete aesthetic and beauty reflected in the shapes of the city, Sebastian’s Instagram account- Le_Blanc exhibits the urban structures with a unique edge that clearly reflects its form and context.

Whether you are looking for something creative or just some daily design inspiration, these Instagram accounts are ideal to follow.

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