Are you planning to get a tattoo? This niche helps you to choose the perfect tattoo design. Permanent tattoos are for a lifetime though there are other methods to remove it but the cost is high, everyone can’t afford to get its removed. So when you get a tattoo done for yourself choose the design carefully. Koi fish tattoo are very cute and cool.

Traditional Medusa Tattoo

Traditional Medusa Tattoo Source

If you want to get this tattoo design then get it done on your arms as it looks good in that portion.

Medusa Tattoo on Sleeve

Medusa Tattoo on Sleeve Source

Medusa tattoo design is one of our best design options. The texturing and the design shades are perfectly matching. Get this tat done on the bicep portion.

Medusa Greek Tattoo Design

Medusa Greek Tattoo Design Source

Medusa Greek tattoo design is an amazing design with the perfect color combinations of green, red, black and yellow. Medusa designs are a lot in trend.

Medusa Head Tattoo

Medusa Head Tattoo Source

Medusa designs revolve with a serpent and a face which is wailing. It shows each and every feature perfectly. This design showcases a wailing woman with serpents around her head and face. The green serpents with bright white eyes are really gives a scary effect.

Creepy Medusa Tattoo Idea

Creepy Medusa Tattoo Idea Source

Creepy medusa tattoo is something which resembles modern art. The design looks amazing but to understand the art its quiet tough and tricky. The textures in this design are beautiful.

Black Medusa Tattoo

Black Medusa Tattoo Source

The black medusa tattoo design follows the pencil sketch features. The light and dark shades are very neatly done. You can get this tattoo done on your arms or on your thighs. The features of the girl are very neatly designed to show the expression of the girl and represents an Aztec tattoo.

Medusa Tattoo on Chest

Medusa Tattoo on Chest Source

This medusa tattoo gives a 3D effect. This tattoo design is amazing which covers the complete chest and the neck portion. The features of the girl, owl, serpents and skull are very beautifully designed. The texturing for each of these visuals is perfect.

Wicked Medusa Tattoo Design

Wicked Medusa Tattoo Design Source

Wicked medusa tattoo represents a  crying woman. The texturing of the serpent colors are chosen very well. The serpents’ eye adds an amazing attraction towards the tattoo design.

Colorful Medusa Tattoo

Colorful Medusa Tattoo Source

If your arms are fat, get this colorful medusa tattoo. This tattoo features a serpent with woman’s face. The face is surrounded by green and orange coloured serpents. Her eyes look very fiery and scaring.

Medusa Tattoo on Forearm

Medusa Tattoo on Forearm Source

The hollow eyed medusa tattoo is perfect for the forearms. The tattoo design has sharp features of the face. The snakes are tangled and surrounding the face. This tattoo design looks like a pencil sketching design with the perfect texturing.

Medusa Tattoo on Back

Medusa Tattoo on Back Source

Flower Eye Medusa Tattoo

Flower Eye Medusa Tattoo Source

Evil Medusa Tattoo

Evil Medusa Tattoo Source

Neo Medusa Tattoo Idea

Neo Medusa Tattoo Idea Source

Modern Medusa Tattoo Design

Modern Medusa Tattoo Design Source

Closed Eyes Medusa Tattoo

Closed Eyes Medusa Tattoo Source

Medusa Tattoo on Thigh

Medusa Tattoo on Thigh Source

Medusa Tattoo for Shoulder

Medusa Tattoo for Shoulder Source

Medusa Tattoo for Palm

Medusa Tattoo for Palm Source

Medusa Tattoo for Foot

Medusa Tattoo for Foot Source

Scary Medusa Tattoo Design

Scary Medusa Tattoo Design Source

Never be in a rush to get a tattoo as it stays for a lifetime. Decide where you want the tattoo to be designed, check if it’s the perfect space for the tattoo design. Get the mandala tattoo which is always in trend. Get your tattoo design by a professional for the perfect design and look.

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