While there are always professional designers to bring out the wow factor in your interiors, it doesn’t always mean that you have spend a lot of money to get your house designed. A handful of the right online resources for interior design would help you to make yourself the home of your dreams in no time! Here are some of the possible options available to you.

Design Milk

This website has a bunch of third party contributions as design ideas. Remember that they are of people of various levels of professional training, but using your presence of mind, you can come up with a lot of excellent ideas, ranging from industrial design, interior design, fashion, art, and furniture.

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Interior Design Illustrated

This isn’t a website, it is a book. One of the most important and vital books that you need to possess if you want to design your home. The book has more than just illustrations; it has a whole lot of technical instructions on how to go about a home design, and with a little scrutiny, you can put these to use.


Design Sponge

If you want a supply of simple projects that do not require any professional training to get done and are relatively easy to recreate, this website is for you. The information in the website is written in a very concise but informal tone of voice, so that amateur users do not get intimidated.



This tool allows you to pick the best color for your room out of all the possibilities that you might have available. The website allows you to register for free, then lets you upload a photograph of your room and try different colors in it from the numerous available tools. However, the membership to this website is $12 a month.



This website is for those who want to create mosaics at home. Although they look complicated, mosaics are not that difficult to make in real life, and you can make them with a little bit of technical information that this website will provide you with simplicity.


CBN Systems CBN Selector

Okay, this is something that a professional interior designer would use to choose colors for a house. The software has to be downloaded onto your desktop for $40, and it has a host of excellent tools that, when coupled with the top shades of paint from most manufacturers, will give you the perfection you need.

cbn selector


Pinterest is always a place where you can find some new and excellent ideas, whatever your niche. A quick search through the website’s massive database of users is bound to get you some ideas that you have not thought of before. For amateur designers, this is probably the first thing to do.


Apartment Therapy

For those who live in apartments. Quite naturally, you are not allowed to paint the walls of your favorite color. However, you can still do a bunch of other things that add zing to your apartment, such as a myriads of ideas that you will find on this website. It is full of interesting features such as one in which some of the contributors of the house actually show take you around their own houses.

apartment therapy


This is a complete designers guide for houses. Not only does the website have a vast collection of interior design pictures, it also has exterior design information, such as pictures of landscapes and information on the exterior paint of houses. You are also allowed to save your favourite images for later use.



A pretty generic entry in the list – Instructables has a vast database of “how-to” articles, which cover a lot of different fields, of which interior design is a part. Given its size and diversity of its coverage, it is likely that you will find anything that you want when it comes to interior design in this website.



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