Remembering birthdays can be a difficult task, and a calendar is a great tool in order to simplify remembering each date. There are many designs you can use to make remembering dates easier. The following wall calendar designs that we have compiled will help you to remember not only birthdays but also other important dates throughout each month of the year. They each have their own sections for filling in dates, as well as being beautifully designed.

Birthday Calendar Diary

This calendar design has clear dated lines for you to fill in all of your important dates to remember. It uses pastel colours to theme each month with key holidays and seasons.

Family Birthday Calendar Design

This calendar uses a peach, floral theme, and uses the stem of the flower to show the birthdays of everyone in the family. It is specifically a birthday calendar and does not have monthly pages; it only shows the birthdays of each family member.

Birthday Calendar Template

This calendar splits each week over two pages and clearly sets outlines in order to put key dates, birthdays and events. The red and white colour scheme is simple yet attractive and is perfect for those with busy schedules.

Birthday Schedule Calendar

The design of this calendar splits each month into weeks, with a box for each day for you to fill with important dates and events. It is perfect for families with busy schedules .

Birthday Calendar Board

This birthday wall calendar is a beautiful decoration to any home. It is designed with a floral pattern, and each birthday is represented a wooden disk which is hung on each month.

Birthday Calendar

This template for a birthday calendar is great for teenagers, as it has a younger, quirkier design with lots of brighter pinks, yellows and blues. It sets out the month in 12 small boxes with a few lines to fill in important birthdays and dates.

Color Block Birthday Calendar

The perpetual calendar has a very simple, black colour design. It has a line for each day of the week so you can track the dates and events that are coming up.

Birthday Reminder Calendar

This design uses an old-fashioned, gingham style design to it and uses a cake with candles to show that it is a birthday reminder. The design mostly uses reds and whites and features a birthday cake as a main part of the design.

DIY Birthday Calendar

This calendar is a spin on the traditional perpetual calendar and features a design with many vases together in a square. The calligraphy gives a more modern feel to the design, whilst still maintaining the black and white colour scheme each month.

Birthday Anniversary Calendar

This perpetual calendar has a page per month, with a box per day for filling in the important dates to remember. It features pictures taken from around Paris, which are mainly bright skies and famous architectural buildings.

Carolyndraws Birthday Calendar

Mom Birthday Calendar

Happy Birthday Calendar

Vintage Birthday Calendar

Perpetual Birthday Calendar

Family B-date Calendar

Chalkboard Style Birthday Calendar

Family Calendar

Birthday Calendar App Design

Desk calendars and wall calendars are great to keep track of birthdays, anniversaries, etc. in order to remind you when each important date is so that you do not forget. These designs are some of the best to inspire you to find the calendar that is perfect for you and your family’s needs.

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