A pamphlet is a booklet sans any hardcover and binding. It is usually small in size and informative in terms of its content. Pamphlets can be folded to a bi-fold, tri-fold or in fourths. This type of booklet consists of few pages, ranging from five to forty. The core purpose of a pamphlet is to provide educational information on one topic. For people to grasp on this booklet, pamphlets should be designed properly to get any information out there.

Don’t fret, we got you covered on this. Down below are a sample of our pamphlet designs provided in a downloadable format. All pamphlet templates are easily editable. To inspire your creative eye, we also provided you with brochure designs to get your designing caps ready.

Funeral Pamphlet

funeral pamphlet

Corporate Pamphlet

corporate pamphlet

Hair Cut Pamphlet

hair cut pamphlet

Don’t get them mixed up

People say that pamphlets and brochures are the same but they’re not. It is important to know the distinction between the two traditional mediums. Pamphlets, as said earlier, aim to provide educational information on a certain topic. On the other hand, brochures are used for advertising a product, company, business, or brand.

The Trinity of Pamphlets

  • Pamphlets are available in three types: Civic, Cultural, and Educational. Civic pamphlets are political in its nature. Throughout history, pamphlets are great mediums in distributing details on local issues, elections, and political agendas. Now, they are easily produced and people are now given sample printable pamphlet designs to amp up their game.
  • Cultural pamphlets. Nowadays, non-profit organizations distribute this type of pamphlet to reach out to their target audience to raise awareness on their organization’s agendas and concerns.
  • Lastly, educational pamphlets are commonly used in the healthcare industry. This type of pamphlet contains information on different packages their clinic or hospital offers, treatments, explanation on certain disorders or illnesses, preventive health practices so on and so forth.

Street Food Festival Pamphlet

street food festival pamphlet

Real Estate Pamphlet

real estate pamphlet

Who uses pamphlets these days?

In today’s digital age, pamphlets still find its way to inform readers regarding different issues, topics, and agendas. We’ve listed reasons why pamphlets are still being used these days and how you can use them to your advantage.

These days, printing pamphlets are inexpensive and they can be produced in many numbers. If you are to print a number of beauty-related pamphlets, you can download the Hair Cut Pamphlet template and Street Food Festival Pamphlet. It uses eye-popping colors and geometric shapes to induce action and is fully customizable.

Pamphlets can be put to good use in big events like weddings, graduations or even birthdays. The content on these pamphlets describe the details of the events, itinerary, the flow of the program, as well as the list of visitors and special guests. In this situation, pamphlets could also be easily distributed and shared. If you are looking for sample pamphlets designs for weddings and funerals, you can download the Wedding Pamphlet and Funeral Pamphlet.

Pamphlets also serve as a physical reminder of any business and companies and it can be read anytime, anywhere by anyone. One of the advantages of pamphlets is reaching the target audience on the flipside of the digital divide. If you are looking for a pamphlet template for your business or even accounting services, the Corporate Pamphlet template and Real Estate Pamphlet are perfect choices.

To find new and more design inspiration, here’s a collection of corporate brochures templates for the broad range of businesses.

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