A funeral pamphlet is a printed funeral document which shows the order of the service. It is designed with a space for the image of the deceased loved one and the rest is outlined with keypoints in the memorial or funeral service. For a bereaved family, it could be very difficult to come up with a funeral pamphlet while dealing with the loss. Thus, using a funeral pamphlet template is recommended.

Funeral Pamphlet Template

funeral service pamphlet template


Putting the image of the deceased loved one at the center of the pamphlet indicates their importance in the lives of their family and friends. This template is designed with a nice solemn blue background and black colored letters. The image frame is simple and classic indicating the formality of the occasion.

Floral Funeral Pamphlet

obituary funeral pamphlet template


This funeral pamphlet template has more space for the information needed. The image frame has floral accents and is set beside the important dates (birth and date). The rest of the space has the details for the memorial service (date and place).

Funeral Memorial Service Pamphlet

funeral memorial service pamphlet

The golden accent used for this funeral pamphlet template indicates the beautiful golden life led by the beloved deceased. A simple golden circle frames the image, while golden letters floating in the blue with white background indicate the details of the funeral service.

Classic Funeral Pamphlet

funeral pamphlet template


The classic design of this funeral pamphlet is classic and formal. The blue background represents the beautiful skies, which is perfect for a celebration of the great life led by the deceased. The black letters are approrriate for this formal design, as well as the black space at the bottom dedicated for the location.

Memorial Obituary Pamphlet

memorial obituary pamphlet

The space for the image of the deceased loved one is positioned on the half top space of this pamphlet. This indicates the importance of the person who passed away. The floral accent on the bottom part indicates the lively and beautiful life shared by the deceased with all the lives they have touched.

Funeral Program Obituary Pamphlet Template

funeral program obituary pamphlet template

Creating a funeral pamphlet is a part of preparing for a memorial or funeral service. If you need this kind of printed document but you do not have the time and energy to make the design, it is best to use a ready-to-print template. Some of the best samples are provided above.

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