You can use the catholic funeral program template for printing the schedule and details of the funeral event. The details of location and that of the memorial service can be printed on this template. You can also print the details about the prayers offered. All the practices of performing a catholic funeral can be written on this template.

Free Catholic Funeral Bi-fold Brochure Design

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High Resolution Catholic Funeral Template

This template is in letter size and has a white background. It has a pink font and graphic elements that hold the picture of the deceased and information about the bearers. The second card has more information about the acknowledgment of the event.

Memory Catholic Funeral Template

This template has a white background with two cards like elements aligned in the center of the template. These graphic cards are in pink color. They have the picture and details of the deceased. The second card has the details of the address of the family of the deceased.

Grunge Catholic Funeral Template

This has a transparent and a grunge print in the background. The color is tan and there are two cards like graphic elements on the background. One card overlaps the other; so the entire information cannot be visible.

Pink Background Catholic Funeral Template

This template has a pink background and two cards that overlap each other on the foreground. These cards are white in color and have fonts in different styles. There is also space available to paste the picture of the deceased person.

White Background Catholic Funeral Template

There is a white background on this template. Font of the title is in pink color and is made bold. The rest of the text is in black color. There are two cards with floral motifs on the border of the card. One card has information of the deceased person and the other has information about the family of the deceased person.

These templates are precise and have space available to fit in the right size of information. You are not going to print a eulogy on them; therefore, the space available is compact. You can change the opacity of the background, the style, and color of the font, as well as add some more design elements to the border.

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