Sending out funeral notice is a good way of letting relatives and friends know of a loved one’s passing and also the details for the memorial service. In most cases, it can be really difficult for the bereaved members of the family to come up with a nicely or appropriately designed funeral notice. For that reason, funeral notice templates come highly recommended.

Customize Funeral Notice Template


This easy to customize funeral notice template is the ideal choice for the traditional kind of family. The design is simple with the image surrounded by a classic frame design in gold. The white background gets additional highlights from the light colored top and bottom floral design.

Floral Funeral Notice Template


This funeral notice template is customizable and it has a nice light blue background like the beautiful sky on a nice day. This is ideal for someone who has lived a beautiful life and now needs to be sent away with a beautiful homegoing service. The image is framed simply with flowers as accents. More floral accents are used on the the bottom corners of the card.

Sample Funeral Notice Template


The beauty of the color of the blue skies is used as a background for this funeral notice card. This is the perfect template if you want the image of your loved one to be at the top center of the card. The template is accented with floral designs on the top and bottom corners to frame the image and the required information.

Funeral Notice Template


Different floral designs are used for this funeral notice template. The right top corner has the flowery frame for the image. This allows for more space for the details. Rose accents in bright colors adorn the lower corners, while silhouette of flowers are slightly visible in the background.

Simple Funeral Notice Template


For a more formal funeral notice, this template in simple design is recommended. The floral accent is dedicated for the frame for the image and the rest is very simple and direct. The important dates of birth and death are emphasized with a black background, while the rest is written in white-light-gray space.

It is only understandable that no one likes dealing with formalities while they are dealing with a loss. That is why templates are available for different funeral cards. If you are looking for funeral notice templates, the samples given above are some of the most recommended. Each is editable and customizable for ease of use.

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