Funeral stationary marks a very important aspect of any memorial or funeral services. The handouts inform guests about all the information and events planned for the day and thus allow everyone to follow along. For many close friends and relatives, the memorial handout will also be a memento or a keepsake for the deceased person.

Consequently, the funeral/memorial templates needs to be carefully designed and should showcase a mood that isn’t too insensitive. Here are some templates that can be customized to program handouts, booklets, pamphlets, a bookmark, an invitation, an obituary template or even a thank you card.

Funeral Stationary  Memorial Card Template

funeral service memorial card template


This funeral mockup can be used as a handout or even a bookmark to give details about the person you are celebrating. The template offers enough space to remember the deceased in ways you most care about. Just put in the photograph of the person and a short description about the beautiful life he has lived. Further, you can also give details about the memorial service to help guests through the event.

Funeral Program Booklet Bi-Fold Brochure Template

funeral program booklet bi fold brochure template


A two page booklet template, the design of this template stands in celebration of a loved person who has left for a better world. The template comes in a white background and integrates a standard font that would be perfect to hold information about the life lost. The backside of this template can be used to give details about the funeral service and the acknowledgements.

Funeral Flower Card Template

funeral flower card template


Offered in high resolution 300 dpi, this funeral service template can be customized to any form of handout and booklet. The mockup includes 8 different template dimensions for a variety of handouts. You will just have to find a suitable picture of the deceased and replace the dummy text with relevant content. The template includes the font file.

Funeral Service Ceremony Invitation Template

funeral service ceremony invitation template


Suited for a range of funeral stationary, this design can be integrated into bookmarks, brochures, flyers, invitations and rack cards. The template comes with a black cover on the outside and allows for the placement of the image of the person and the details of the event. The inside of the card is however lighter themed and allows for a detailed obituary.

Minimal Funeral Stationary Mockup Brochure

minimalistic eulogy funeral bi fold brochure template


Minimally designed, this funeral mockup template would be the perfect way to integrate memorial stationary. The template already offers a design and layout and only calls for replacing the photograph and the text you would want in the booklet. You might even use this design to come up with a special bookmark that can be kept close for a lifetime.

Cherry Funeral Program Stationery Template

cherry funeral program stationery template

Funeral Stationery Set Template

funeral stationery set template

Classic Funeral Program Stationery Template

classic funeral program stationery template

Vintage Funeral Program Stationery Template

vintage funeral program stationery template

Premium Blue Funeral Program Stationery Template

premium blue funeral program stationery template

Funeral Program Brochure

funeral program brochure


While there is no specific paper standard to print and funeral obituary, go for textures that give a natural and solemn feel. The above templates also ensure that you speak as much as necessary without getting too personal or sensitive. Finally, this template will also reduce your cost of obtaining funeral stationary to a great extent.

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