Essentially, an obituary is a notice of someone’s death. Drafting an obituary is basically writing a small biography of the deceased loved one. It should be a precise composition of expressing pain and great loss, as well as some points on the celebration of a beautiful life. Writing an obituary can be hard for the bereaved family, that is why we recommended the use of these funeral obituary templates.

Funeral Obituary Template

funeral obituary template 1

This funeral obituary template is designed in blue, which is ideal for that special man of the family. The sparkling white dots match the white letters that indicate the details of the obituary. The first page is dedicated to the image of the deceased and the important dates and location. The second page is for the rest of the information needed.

Sample Funeral Obituary Template

funeral obituary template 2

This template for an obituary is not so formal, which indicates the beautiful and lively life led by the deceased. The floral design adds accent to the simplicity of the white background. The floral frame makes the template look more casual and inviting.

Formal Funeral Obituary Template

funeral obituary template 3

This two page funeral obituary is done in formal theme with a nice sunset background. This is the perfect layout in celebrating the life of the deceased, a great way to send them off to the next life.

Classy Funeral Obituary Template

funeral obituary template 4

Putting the image of the deceased on the top first page indicates the importance of the person. There is a dedicated space for the name followed by dates of birth and death. Below are details of the memorial service (day, date and time, location, and the officiating Pastor. The second page contains more information about the deceased and the service.

Simple Funeral Obituary Template

funeral obituary template 5

The brown background of this funeral obituary template is ideal of a special man who passed away. The golden frame for the image is matched by golden letters used for the heading and other important details. The rest of the information are written in white.

It is understandable that creating or drafting an obituary can be difficult. Most people pay professionals in doing this task. With a ready to print funeral obituary template, you do not have to suffer the overwhelming feeling of writing and obituary, or paying for someone to do it. Just get the template, edit the details and replace the image.

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